More British content for 7TWO

Next week 7TWO adds even more British content, with Doc Martin Series Episode 1.

Also coming in May is The Bill from Series 15 (1999) and fly-on-the-wall series, The Savoy.

Another upcoming addition to 7TWO’s lifestyle programming is The World In 80 Trades featuring Connor Woodman, who sets off from his London base with 25,000 pounds in his pocket on a mission to double his money with every trade he makes as he travels across four continents.

Also debuting soon on 7TWO are mysteries from Catherine Cookson, Ruth Rendell and Sherlock Holmes plus One Foot In The Grave, Open All Hours, Dad’s Army, Rising Damp, Please Sir, The Fenn Street Gang and The Doctor In The House.

Premiering on May 5 at 7:30pm is the popular series Doc Martin starring Martin Clunes as Dr Martin Ellingham, a former top surgeon with limited social skills who re-establishes himself as a General Practitioner in a sleepy Cornish village.

Also premiering in May, 7TWO presents the award-winning British police drama series, The Bill. 7TWO will pick up the action from series 15 with the two-part episode “A Question of Trust.”

7TWO’s two-part documentary special The Savoy examines the 200 million pound makeover of London’s famous Savoy Hotel. The program covers the two year restoration from start to finish, providing a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the people that helped make it happen from the building contactors through to the front-of-house staff.


  1. I definitely agree with the majority here about The Bill not starting from the beginning. Do those old eps still exist? I pretty much stopped watching The Bill first time round on Aunty because of the soapy Eddie Santini-Rosie-Vicki menage. And where did 7Two pretty much springboard their showing from? Bleccchhh! And there is still the Really bad Paul Marquess stuff to come!

  2. I don’t mind some of the British shows, looking forward to Doc Martin as I caught the odd ep here and there so will (if it doesn’t get mucked around) start to watch it regularly. The Savoy sound ‘s interesting will be watching or PVRing that one.

  3. deedeedragons – I pay for the UK channel because it’s not all old shite like the stuff mentioned here!
    e.g. Tuesday night (last night) they have season 4 of Primeval followed by season 2 of Survivors.

    The ABC has played Doc Martin to death. I couldn’t stand to see any more repeats, they’ve killed it.
    Perhaps people who can’t find the ABC on their TVs will be interested in 7mate.
    “All new” as they say.

  4. The Savoy looks good. I don’t mind a lot of the British programming on 7two. I don’t have Foxtel so some of the lifestyle programs I’ve never seen. Even though some are 3 – 5 years old, still good to watch. Not to keen on some of the really old shows, but that’s just me.

    And for what its worth. Still miss Martha and the cooking shows in the afternoon. I also find Sundays very disappointing. It’s just full of really old movies.

  5. To those complaining, do you realise that 7mate has all American programming on it, so does ELEVEN. Why not call 7mate 7Buddy as the American term for mate?

  6. It’s a shame they aren’t playing The Bill from the start… I’d be tempted then. Must be a Nine exec involved in that decision, they’ve always had ‘difficulties’ with showing a series as produced.

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