Nine wins Thursday and TEN tops the night

A bit of a shake-up in the ratings on a Thursday: TEN has the #1 show and Nine wins the night.

That’s a good thing.

When one network wins night after night it’s all a bit too predictable (even if it’s very impressive).

The Biggest Loser Families
was the top show for Thursday with 1.23m viewers, proving yet again that viewers love “before / after” stories (remember Beauty & The Geek‘s big makeover episode last year?). It beat Heston’s Mission Impossible on 776,000 and RBT / Getaway (734,000 / 693,000).

Grey’s Anatomy won its slot 757,000 but The Million Dollar Drop fought back this week with 741,000. The Good Wife was 694,000.

Nine won the night thanks largely to The Footy Show on 802,000. It had 375,000 in Melbourne for its 500th show. 164,000 watched the NRL edition in Sydney.

ABC News (877,000) was best for ABC1 followed by 7.30 on 645,000.

Heston’s Feasts (255,000) didn’t quite pull the same numbers on SBS ONE as Heston on Seven but it was their biggest show for the night followed by Italian Food Safari on 198,000.

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  1. Secret Squïrrel

    @Shaun – have you actually read any of David’s articles before you came on here and dropped that turd (in your own pants)? You might want to first consider reading what David has posted for our (free) enlightenment/entertainment before you criticise what he has supposedly said. Please, go and clean yourself up.

    • You must have missed this yesterday: “Nine isn’t yet showing the same sort of honesty with its audience. There’s certainly not much being shown when it comes to the network’s performance so far this year.” Frankly, I’ve been accused of being pro / anti Seven, Nine, TEN, etc. ad nauseum which means I must be hitting somewhere in the right vicinity. I’ve never claimed the site was mandatory reading, there’s a whole world wide web out there…

    • Celebrating or reporting the news? I also report Seven wins. Why didn’t you say I celebrated TEN for their #1 show? Don’t I love them too?

      I should introduce you to those who reckon I hate Nine, you could fight it out in a chicken pen.

  2. Trevor Marmalade was good when on the show for many years & made people laugh with his jokes. Channel 9 are d***heads for sacking him. James Brayshaw is not a good host

  3. @Craig: I would put MDD doing better on Thursdays due what’s on that other channels. MKR (the #1 show this Monday and last Monday) were both 90 minutes which would have cut into MDD’s figures more than GA / TGW last night.

  4. god dam it why cant ten switch goodwife and svu?? i bet svu would have held onto 800,000 @ 8.30 last night!!
    on another note wow! great figures for tbl and the transformatons were amazing and i cant wait for the rest of the reveals tonight!!

  5. 375k for the AFL Footy Show v 164k for NRL and I wonder which of the two is likely to win the most popular Logie this year? I suspect the Nine employees in Sydney are much better at completing voting forms than their Melbourne counterparts.

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