Paper Giants replay

I have seen nothing but praise for ABC’s miniseries Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo, which remarkably increased its audience on the second night. It hit 1.34m viewers and even pushed ABC into second place for the night.

Readers have been gushing in their praise for the drama, and rightly so.

Smartly, ABC will be screening the entire tale again on ABC2 this Sunday 24th April.

Sunday April 24 – ABC2
8:30pm – Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo (part 1)
In 1972 two ambitious, young upstarts, Ita Buttrose and Kerry Packer, created CLEO, a fresh, bold and naughty magazine that became one of the most dramatic sensations in Australian publishing history.

10:00pm – Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo (part 2)
Set against the backdrop of the dramatic downfall of the Whitlam government, part two sees Ita and Kerry fulfilling their destinies. After Whitlam and CLEO, Australia is now a different place.


  1. @Cronker: I’ve heard a rumour that Doctor Who will be repeated the next day, Sunday at 5:30pm! The ABC website’s TV guide certainly seems to indicate this.

  2. Very good use of a second channel! I missed both parts as it clashed with something else I watched and thought it would be repeated at later date. I didn’t think it would happen so fast! Looking forward to catching it on Saturday.

  3. This was fab, far exceeded my expectations – but looking back, it should’nt have. A great team pulled it together. What a ride, but also loved all the small subtle things that were included it gave the story so much more. At first I was put off by Asher’s take on Ita’s well known voice, but 30mins in it barely registered it seemed so natural. If you missed it – make sure to what this time!

  4. Excellent.
    Watched Ep1 on Sunday night but had to work on Monday night so missed the second Ep. It annoys me when they strip shows in this way – why not show it the next Sunday so it strips the same as the week before? Meh, good to know I can see it on ABC2 next week anyway.

    (BTW – moving Doctor Who to Saturdays will not work for me either, so there will be some intergalactic way that I will see it before then….)

  5. Sigh. I’ll give them points for trying. Unfortunately both Eleven and the ABC seem to want to create problems next week. I like watching Smallville but after Castle. So I want it to start at around 10.50 pm due to no main commercial channel wanting to start or end on time (from 7.30 pm ) . Then there’s the ABC. Now I’d watch a repeat of Paper Giants if it was split up as intended and shown over two weeks. Therefore I could watch the end of Castle. I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll probably miss out somewhere.

    Too bad they couldn’t of said they would play part 2 repeat only on ABC2 the next week i.e. Sunday 24th April (as well as a first run of part 2 on ABC1 on this Monday like they did ) . Then I would of watched part 1 on ABC1 and part 2 on ABC2. It also would of been appropriately amusing i.e. 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 . But I can’t do that now as I didn’t get to see part 1 and they didn’t think of doing it that way and telling people if they had of. If Eleven wants to solve a problem then have a half hour show for when a film ends before 10.45pm. Even a ten minute filler for around 10.40pm. As I’ll point out there will be people watching the main channels probably between 9.45-10.45pm. So I really don’t know what I’ll do on Sunday.

    P.S. – Again thank you for trying ABC. It’s just I want things to be once a week. Especially on Sunday (also to end before 10.45pm or even 9.45-10pm ) .

  6. Perfect timing for Asher Kedder, with an outsanding performance in this execllent telemovie screening just a couple of weeks before the Logies, Asher might have a good chance of stealing the Rafter girls’ thunder and taking home the Gold.

  7. I gave it a go Sunday night not expecting too much, but was impressed enough to give up normal programming last night, and watch part 2. I’ll probably watch the whole lot on ABC2 again.

  8. An abtholute triumph 😉
    Congratulations to Aunty and the whole ensemble.
    Sets the bar rather high for the rest of the year I’m afraid.

  9. Awesome! I missed the second part (fell asleep!!). My tivo didn’t pick it as a season’s pass, so part one, no part two. I suppose iView was an option too. Thanks for the info. This site is awesome too 🙂

  10. Having worked at TCN9 in “the days” the portrayal of Kerry Packer was spot on. Generous in personal ways but tight as a fish’s a*se in many others. The door off its hinges and smashed phone at Park St. is only one of many such events.
    The portrayal of Ita is 10/10. That voice is spooky, it’s so damn good.
    Ah, to be able to watch something without those very annoying constant promo “pop ups” too, was a bonus.

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