The Sullivans reunion

Another TV reunion? But who’s complaining?

Tonight cast members from The Sullivans will appear on Today Tonight.

Lorraine Bayly, Reg Gorman (both pictured) and Paul Cronin were recently seen at Nine’s GTV studio farewell.

Crew members will also talk about the classic show.

It airs at 6:30pm Friday on Seven.

UPDATE: Today Tonight is believed to have an interview with Norman Yemm tonight while A Current Affair has Lorraine Bayly, Paul Cronin and more cast members coming up in it’s Sunday night edition.


    • I did see a TV ad for the entire series, I think about $60. It was an advertorial during a morning show, so maybe sold exclusively via phone sales. I was thinking of buying it for my parents too!

  1. Thanks David. I would have missed both if not for your article. I am one of their younger viewers who managed to watch the whole series on NBN from 1997. There is no better Australian serial and I wish someone would repeat it.

  2. Loved catching the cast members of The Sullivans on ACA. If only we could get the series on DVD here in Aust, that would be fantastic & I’m sure would prove to be popular sellers. How about telling us what the other cast members are doing now & what they’ve been up to since the end of the series, Great work.

  3. Of all the shows as a kid which the family could sit down to watch together.
    I missed the chance to watch as babysitting that night (was really looking forward to the telecast).
    It would be one of the greats to watch as a rerun?
    Looking forward to the show on tonight.

  4. Speaking of TV, while it’s nice to see casts of classic Aussie TV reunite on ‘tabloid’ current affairs like ACA/TT, one question still nags me or two:

    1. Will the cast of “Mission Top Secret’ have a reunion?
    2. And will Mission Top Secret get to be on DVD (but on the Fremantle Media label instead of Grundy)? Remember, this network 10 iconic thriller was made before Reg Grundy sold his company.

  5. yes i thought i had seen that interview with Andrew before and it was great to see Jock and Norman yemm and Norman has hardly aged at all since the end of the sullivans i hope that Susanne Hannaford is on the ACA story on sunday

  6. Nine should show the Sullivans from the beginning all over again and it could make for a cost free or cheaper alternative to more 2.5 men.

  7. David @ Green Point

    So if eps of The Sullivans is available on DVD in the UK (@ 6 or 7 eps with Mel Gibson), and 7 seasons of “Flying Doctors”, why on earth hasn’t Bruce Gordon (WIN-TV head honcho & also owner of the Crawford Productions TV library) put them out on DVD here in Oz??????

  8. I was the only one to mention The Sullivans in that other reunion speculation story. The Henderson Kids yeah right – it was The Sullivans all along. My own greatness sometimes surprises myself!

    • Henderson Kids reunion last weekend was a bonafide reunion with 150 people. Most of the other ones are 6:30 shows interviewing a few stars, but it’s nice to see them all the same.

  9. @tardis3: ACA recently had a segment on A Country Practice which was a Channel 7 (and 10) program, plus they also featured Prisoner (Ten) and Young Talent Time (Ten). But I wonder if TT will mention the fact that the Seven Network was originally offered The Sullivans and they knocked it back. The show went to Channel 9 instead and became an international hit.

  10. I like the idea of all these reunions but now they are just fodder for the TT v ACA battle.

    Oh well, their list of classic TV shows to revisit will soon be exhausted and then they will be fighting over cast reunions for Arcade, Holiday Island and Taurus Rising!!

  11. David @ Green Point

    Reg Gorman, eh?

    Gotta be showing how many rings around my tree when I can still remember Reg as Constable Tizzy in the (Sydney) 9 afternoon show “Desmond and the Channel 9-pins”.

    That’s Desmond Tester, of course.

    Constable Clot was played by Rod Hull (later of Emu fame), while Tester played a crook – Slippery Sam..

    This highly enjoyable segment (c’mon, I would have been 8-9 years old!) was called “Kaper Kops”.

    Anyone else remember?

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