Toni Pearen to visit Funniest Home Videos 21st birthday

Toni Pearen will drop by to celebrate the 21st birthday -but there's just one problem.

Former host of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Toni Pearen will drop by to celebrate the 21st birthday of the long-running video-fest.

Nine has a 90 minute special coming on Saturday April 16th which will also feature Justice Crew, Julie Goodwin and Hi-5. There will be celebratory messages from Avril Lavigne, Short Stack, Alexis Jordan and -gasp- Shane Warne.

21 years for the show is an impressive run -but there’s just one problem. Nine actually celebrated the 20th Anniversary in 2009…. what happened to 2010?

After 21 years of side-splitting laughs, Shelley Craft and a bevy of stars will celebrate the coming of age of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos in a 90-minute special on Saturday, April 16, from 6.30pm.

Join Avril Lavigne, Short Stack, Alexis Jordan, Shane Warne and a host of other celebrities as they say happy birthday to Australia’s longest running light entertainment program.

During the celebration Shelley will be joined by former host Toni Pearen to revisit some of the best winning video clips and look back at the funniest of the funniest videos over 21 hilarious years.

A very special guest will have a big birthday surprise for Shelley, revealing a “best of Shelley bloopers” reel from her time as host. Julie Goodwin, nominated for the Most Popular New Talent Logie, will also be on hand to present Shelley with a home-made birthday cake to celebrate the grand occasion.

Justice Crew will drop into the studio for a performance of their song Friday to Sunday and on the birthday night Hi-5 will be on hand with loads of gifts for the studio audience.

It airs Saturday,April 16, at 6.30pm on Nine.

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  1. One was for the 20th season, the other is for the 21st birthday (and 22nd season). Just like a baby, the show was 0 years old for its whole first year, then 1 year old for its second year, etc.
    So, they were right both years, but changed the measuring stick.

  2. According to wikipedia, the show started March 1990; so that would mean 2009 was 19 and this year is 21.. so this celebration is correct; but the one in 2009 was a year off.

  3. Do your maths people.
    In 2009 they were celebrating 20 years on air. If 1990 was year one on air, then 2009 is year 20 on air.
    This time they are celebrating the Video Show’s 21st birthday – birthday one being March 1991. Therefore both celebrations are correct – one to celebrate 20 years the other to celebrate a 21st birthday.

  4. If they want to celebrate a certain amount of years then it would be better to have all of the hosts who hosted the show over the period of 21 years. I know Graham Cant make it but iam sure Kim Kilby and yess Tony Pearen can.

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