Nine News extending to one hour on Sunday

Plus minor changes to Thursday & Friday, the return of Dallas and an unaired episode of The Embassy in 2 cities.

2014-12-02_1103Nine has made a few more changes to its summer schedule, including extending its 30 minute Sunday night news to one hour from this weekend.

Whether this is a sign of things to come is unclear, but networks had previously tested extended bulletins in summer (and with breaking news of bushfires) ahead of a permanent move.

Sunday’s line-up is now:

6pm Nine News
7pm David Attenborough’s Life rpt (The Embassy in Brisbane, Adelaide).
8pm 60 Minutes
9pm Gotham
10pm Movie: Red Dawn
12am Dallas (return)

There are also some changes to weeknights this week.

Midsomer Murders, which appeared to be trialled on Nine last Thursday, heads back to GEM. US drama, Golden Boy, which was premiering on Friday night moves to Thursday.

7:30pm Getaway
8:30pm New Tricks
9:40pm The Mentalist rpt
10:40pm CSI rpt
11:35pm Golden Boy series premiere
12:30am The Following rpt

7:30pm Australia’s Funniest Home Videos rpt
8:30pm Movie: The Fugitive
11:10pm CSI NY rpt

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  1. Oh goody I can now sit up and watch Dallas !
    I take it is the rebooted series not the original and in my mind still the best. Why cant you get past about series 7 of Dallas on DVD ?

  2. If Seven and Nine were truly committed to News as they claim to be, they would have done this when they initially switched to 1hr bulletins, rather than using it as a summer filler when they have nothing else to show.

  3. News is cheap and it matches Seven.

    Gotham started at 8:52pm when the news was 30 minutes. With a Life running over an hour with ads and a bit more stuck in to 60 Minutes they can show higher rated stuff still about 9:15pm before Gotham starts.

    Keeping over 60s up till midnight with an episode of Midsomer Murders was unlikely to work.

    Golden Boy is a about the rise of an ambitious young detective’s rise to Commissioner. It was launched as a mid season replacement early 2013. It just wasn’t very interesting and shed viewers very quickly. Nine never bothered to air it.

  4. what is more interesting is the top of the hour programming instead of the traditional bottom of the hour. Could this be a sign of things to come ?. Top of the Hour programming is the norm in the US and many other countries. TEN tried this many many years ago but it didn’t work but that was more due to the quality of the programs

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