Underbelly: Razor shooting until August

Nine has now confirmed extra details of Underbelly: Razor, which began filming on April 4th.

The key cast is Danielle Cormack (pictured, left) and Chelsie Preston Crayford as Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine respectively plus Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Jack Campbell (pictured, right), Steve Le Marquand, John Batchelor, Felix Williamson, Khan Chittenden and newcomer Anna McGahan.

Nine’s Head of Drama, Jo Horsburgh said, “Underbelly: Razor is an ambitious and welcomed instalment for Nine, with Screentime, of the Underbelly franchise. It is a fascinating glimpse into back alleys, bedrooms and grog shops, where the good, the bad, and downright naughty, battle it out for supremacy in a post World War 1 Australia. It’s sophisticated and raunchy. Fantastic scripts delivering all that the audience have come to expect from Underbelly, great characters, great stories and great entertainment.”

Des Monaghan, Executive Director of Screentime said, “Underbelly: Razor marks an exciting new development in the Underbelly franchise,” said “The women who battle for control of the underworld are truly incredible characters whose stories are as fresh today as when they occurred. And despite legendary criminal figures, Squizzy Taylor and Norman Bruhn, our story is dominated by extraordinary women such as Kate Leigh, Tilly Devine, Nellie Cameron and arguably Australia’s first policewoman, Lillian Armfield. A truly rich tale with larger than life characters.”

The show’s 13 episodes will be directed by Tony Tilse, Cherie Nowlan, Shawn Seet and David Caesar and

Previous Underbelly Writers Peter Gawler and Felicity Packard will return joined by Michaeley O’Brien and Jeff Truman, based on the book Razor by Larry Writer. It will be produced by Elisa Argenzio and Peter Gawler with Des Monaghan, Greg Haddrick and Jo Horsburgh as Executive Producers.

The series will film until August and air on Nine later this year.

Underbelly is now an international franchise with productions in New Zealand and a US version scouting for subjects based beyond the usual gangster locales.

Mysterious sightings have been reported around inner-Sydney over the last week. A door to the past has opened, affording locals a glimpse of one of their city’s most colorful eras…the 1920’s. A time when notorious vice queens, Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh battled for supremacy over a nefarious world built on illegal drugs, gambling, extortion and prostitution. When brothels and sly grog shops flourished and gangs of thugs slashed their opposition into silence until the streets ran with blood.

Welcome to the compelling world of Underbelly: Razor.

Based on the best-selling book RAZOR by Larry Writer, this eagerly anticipated drama will be the fourth installment of the series that has revitalised Australian television drama and will bring to life Australia’s two famed vice queens along with infamous gangsters Norman Bruhn, Guido Calletti, Big Jim Devine, Squizzy Taylor, Phil “the Jew” Jeffs, John “Snowy” Cutmore and Frank “the Little Gunman” Green.


  1. Wow Kate Leigh has sure had a make-over. From the pictures I’ve seen she was as rough as old boots. The actress in the picture above is gorgeous. Makes me wonder how historically acurate this is going to be.

  2. Considering the litany of historical anachronisms in the previous Underbelly series, the gaffes in this one should be priceless. Still, this looks more interesting than the last two series.

  3. I don’t know about other people but i for one Love Underbelly and think it is if not the best one of the best pieces of entertainment in Australia. this, chris lilley, the chaser and a few others (cant rate something if i haven’t seen)

  4. …and the same old role call of Directors. You see the same names all the time doing the same schtick in this country. Have a look at any series – they just do the rounds. No wonder Oz TV is so bland compared to the UK.

    It all looks and feels the same – no matter where or when it’s set.

  5. So, the same old crap set in the 20s? Sorry but Underbelly is big on ‘style’ and short on actual drama. It’s one long video of slo-mo violence and sex set to generic tv action music.

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