WAG Nation cast revealed

Foxtel has announced the five wives and girlfriends of sports stars who will star in FOX8’s new reality series, WAG Nation.

Produced by Shine Australia the 10 part series follows “the highs and lows of supporting a professional sporting career and the daily pressures of maintaining a successful relationship, to the stress of managing their own careers, not to mention the demands of a hectic social life.”

The five are:

Shoe designer Terry Biviano, fiancée of NRL Sydney Roosters player Anthony Minichiello;
Event planner Lynette Bolton, wife of AFL Sydney Swans player Jude Bolton;
Fashion boutique owner Jackie Spong, fiancée of AFL Carlton Blues player Jarrad Waite;
Promotions manager Jana Peterson, long-term girlfriend of NRL Cronulla Sharks player John Williams;
Flight attendant Chantelle Raleigh, girlfriend of NBL Gold Coast Blaze player Adam Gibson.

FOX8 is hoping it will be as popular as the US Real Housewives series has been with viewers.

Duane Hatherly, Group Channel Manager FOX8, ARENA & Bio said, “We all know Australians are sports mad, but it seems they’re just as ‘WAG’ crazy! That’s why WAG Nation is so exciting for us at FOX8.

“Our viewers will get a glimpse into the glamorous and not so glamorous parts of these women’s very public lives, as well as a taste for the complex social order that rules partners, friends and career in the world of sporting wives and girlfriends.”

WAG Nation will air on FOX8 in the second half of 2011.

Production is currently underway.


  1. I don’t think they need to replicate Real Housewives for this to work. I think the hunger for people have for this sort of gossipy stuff is actually under rated.

    It’s not my cup of tea, but I think this will be popular

  2. I agree with DaveX – I will be watching this show for sure. I am a huge reality TV junkie and am for more Australian content! Nice work on the cast.

  3. This will absolutely work. Like it or not people are fascinated by this world and Foxtel are smart to tap into it. Plus shine have a great track record.

    Every new show that is posted on this website is always attacked and proclaimed as a failure… This included MasterChef. How about people actually watch shows and give them a chance?

  4. The reason Real Housewives works is that they are all frenemies and in situations together. I can’t see how they can bring the drama that makes Real Houswives franchises so popular if they are not going to be on screen together.

    Although Real Housewives always seem to be in really contrived situations to get the wives together so perhaps thats what the producers of this will do.

  5. Armchair Analyst

    Wow they really must be starving for fame fortune. Looks like having a successful husband or boyfriend is not enough, on the other hand this show will give them free publicity for their companies and industries although it could be limited because its on pay tv. As to why FTA networks arent making these kinds of shows it is because they dont think it will make money thats why, if they thought that it would make money they would have done it ages ago. I hope they know what they are doing because it can just as easily blow up in your face.

  6. First of all this will fail, second WAG would have to be the stupidest acronym in the world and third The Real Housewives works because they all hang out together and argue and have conflict, if all these girls are in different cities then how will it work.

  7. Very much looking forward to this one. Shine seem to produce more orginal stuff than anyone else. First Renovators, then the War show for Nine and now this.

  8. This has all the right ingredients. Firsty Aussies love their sport. Secondly they love tabloid mags. And lastly shine are producing it.

    I think Fox 8 have a winner on their hands.

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