Weeds: teaser

Showtime in the US has released a teaser for Season 7 of Weeds.

It’s done very well to get to seven seasons, so this one may well prove the final (but that’s not confirmed just yet).

It premieres in the US on June 27th.

Here’s what’s in store:After a mad escapade as the wife of corrupt politian/druglord Esteban, season 6 saw Nancy and the Botwins hit the road with blood on their hands and the Mexican mafia hot on their tail. In the shocking season finale, Andy, Silas and Shane took off for Europe, but Nancy was forced to stay behind with baby Stevie and turn herself in to the FBI to avoid certain death at the hands of Esteban and his goon squad.



  1. I cant watch the clip 🙁 something about it being private – hellllllllllllp please
    …and hopefully this is the last season – I mean how much more can happen to this family!! BTW Luv the show.

  2. Loved the first three or four seasons but it has got a bit ridiculous for the last few. I hope they make this the last season and wrap it up nicely with all the old gang back, especially Celia.

  3. I do agree that it’s time to wrap it all up. I love the show, but Nancy has become more and more repugnant in order to keep things going. It’d be nice to see Conrad and Heliya one last time though.

  4. That reminds me I need to finish S6 (don’t spoil me) I might save the YouTube clip for later. I love the show just too busy with other things.

    Any news if they will fast track it here?

  5. It’s a good show

    But every actor knows the only reason to hang in with a show until season 7 is because that’s the magic number to get more money after the show goes into syndication (re runs)

  6. Would have to be the last season. Nancy, Andy and Doug are the only likeable characters left, the kids are all irritating (especially Shane’s character which has been incredibly worse since the Season 5 ending) and everyone else was written out… the story is so, so far from the original plotline its insane.

  7. I’ve given up. The last 2 seasons were dreadful, ever since she torched agrestic and it stopped being a suburban parody really. Got sucked into season 6 due to ending every episode with a cliffhanger, but simply stopped mid episode and haven’t returned.

  8. I am a die hard fan of this show but even I will admit it probably should have wrapped it up last season.

    The writing was nowhere near as sharp as it used to be and a couple of the plot lines seemed OTT or unnecessary (unless they are going to be fleshed out in S7).

    If they keep it up much longer the bloke who plays Esteban will have permanent throat damage from talking like he is constipated all the time.

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