Axed: Lie to Me, Human Target.

The axe has begun falling in the US ahead of the Upfronts that will reveal new Fall programming.

FOX has axed five series, the most profile of which in Australia is Lie to Me, starring Tim Roth and screened by TEN.

Human Target, which starred Mark Valley, has also been axed. Though the show was considerably revamped for this season, the series struggled to gain ground in the ratings. It aired in Australia on GO!

Christian Slater’s Breaking In was also axed. Following his previous shows The Forgotten and My Own Worst Enemy he now has three shows that have failed to ignite.

FOX also axed cop drama The Chicago Code and the comedy Traffic Light, based on an Israeli series.

But FOX did announce a series orders for the Bones spin-off The Finder and to J.J. Abrams new prison mystery drama Alcatraz, and picking up two new comedies starring Zooey Deschanel and Jaime Pressly.

Source: EW


  1. Very sad and disappointed to loose both Human Target and Chicago Code…two great shows,I can only hope Shawn Ryan has another show up his sleeve.

  2. so a bones spin off got green lit. So we have a movie industry that seems largely incapable of creating new and exciting movies (think about how many of this summers impending block buster movies are “original” – very few! A lot of reboots, and sequals)……now it appears that tv indistry is moving onto a similar sphere – where spin-offs are the flavor of the month. Sigh

  3. poor Christian Slater, can’t catch a break on TV. 🙁

    I was expecting Lie To Me to be axed, its gotten worse and worse. I gave up mid Season 2.

    Human Target is good but not great, GO probably won’t be airing season 2 any time soon now. if they do it’ll be in some late night timeslot after 10:30. maybe once Nikita is finished for the season.

  4. Bummer I was enjoying the chicago code, these days it doesn’t seem worth watching a new show so many don’t even make it to the end of a season before they’re axed seems like the execs have ADD

  5. Alcatraz sounds very promising. Prison Break was a worldwide hit, hopefully Alcatraz has those same ingedients as that show did. I’m sick of those ‘solve a murder in one hour’ crime shows. Its about time something new in drama shows came along.

  6. I lost interest in “Lie To Me” near the end of the first season, and barely watched any more episodes at all, so this doesn’t surprise me. Its premise didn’t have any legs, and they stretched and twisted the concept into too many tenuous and unlikely plots.

  7. The new comedies might be good. Fox’s Raising Hope is great so the 2 new ones might be worthwhile. The Bones spinoff is likely to be a Ten show as Ten take shows from 20th Century Fox from 2006 onwards. It will be interesting to see how that goes. Seven have L&O: LA while Ten have the earlier ones.

  8. &^$*#@ furious about Lie to Me … love that show 🙁 Hopefully another network might sniff at it … Fox have a habit of driving good programs into the ground.

  9. Paul, Ten has first refusal for shows produced by Fox. Most of the Fox Network’s shows are also produced by them, but not all. Similarly, they produce shows for other networks and cable channels.

  10. @Paul, No ten share 20th century FOX with foxtel. ten get the first 2 picks, which will probably include Terra Nova. the 2nd choice id say so far will be The New Girl because they seem keen on comedy. with the Bones spinoff perhaps going to Foxtel.

    Teenage Daughter and Alcatraz are warner brothers shows (produced & distributed) so will go to 9.

  11. Its a shame the Human Target has been cancelled, it was a show I really enjoyed (the 1st season at least)

    They ruined HT in the revamp by adding unnecessary characters that added nothing to the story for seemingly no reason other than that they were female.

  12. some surprises here, I was quite sure Breaking In would be renewed, and thought The Chicago Code was somewhat salvageable, Jack brings up a good point, why renew Fringe? it was doing worse than both. the rest was expected.

  13. Yet they’re keeping Fringe around. Brutal. Human Target was heading in the right direction ratings-wise and The Chicago Code wasn’t even doing that terribly.

  14. Charlie Kelly

    Oh I enjoyed Breaking In.

    I only saw most of season one of Human Target, I also liked that.

    However it was a show that would have been better placed on cable channel. Pared with something like Leverage.

    Both shows however just felt like the short of shows that should have been on cable. Would never have sustained the ratings network channels would want, but would have been successful for cable.

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