NRL boss issues early warning to Foxtel

NRL boss David Gallop has issued early warnings to Foxtel ahead of the next round of sports rights.

After the lucrative deal for the AFL, the NRL is anticipating a similar package, and may include breaking up more elements of its games.

“We provide 77 of the top 100 programs for pay television,” Gallop told The Australian.

“We have driven subscription rates in NSW and Queensland and we don’t want that taken for granted.”

Gallop said the NRL would consider selling more games to the free-to-air networks if it increased the final price, including selling Monday night football to the free-to-air networks in an attempt to maximise bidding tension.

Nine and FOX Sports last paid $500m for the current NRL rights and are expected to win the 2013-17 rights. But Seven has indicated that it would like to acquire at least one NRL game.

Nine has a first and last agreement with the NRL although sources said this can be superseded if a rival network comes up with a bid that is at least 20% higher.


  1. JB — ring Channel Nine don’t just think about it.
    I am telling everyone i know too… Im sure it won’t make a difference… But it certainly won’t if know one actually lets them know…

  2. a couple of questions here…9’s coverage has been terrible…how? or is it just the commentary? i cant see 7 gettingthe telecast rights…. i think a good fit for them will be the Monday night game in a deal with 9 to swap one game a week with the AFL….. now to say that one network will get the home and away games and not the finals and grand final…. well thats just nonsense why show the games all year and just take the finals and give thme to someone else….. hmmm and the state of Origin…. well who knows TEN may get that…its a gamble to take some and give to others…. it really doesnt mean more will watch… i think FOX may have to simulcast with Free to air like the AFL rights…. its all speculation the NRL are the only ones who know…

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