Oprah necklaces begin arriving, but wait there’s more…

Diamond necklaces given to audience members from Oprah Winfrey‘s Sydney show are valued at $405 but some fans aren’t happy, complaining they are too small.

The complaints follow stories last week that the necklaces had not yet arrived, but have since started turning up.

Patrons received a silver-chained O pendant featuring seven “tiny” diamonds courtesy of Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine.

“I finally got it yesterday after six months wait,” one reader told News Limited. “And I can’t see any diamonds on it but other than that it looks like a cheap piece of costume jewellery.

“They call it a ‘special edition’, but really there’s nothing special about it. I’m really disappointed.”

But a spokesperson for Harpo Productions said the necklace’s were Rio Tinto’s responsibility.

A spokeswoman for Rio Tinto said confusion had been created after a $7000 diamond encrusted necklace was mistaken for what was always planned.

“What has been delivered is what we promised and while there has been negative feedback based on false expectations we have also had a lot of extremely positive feedback,” she said.

The negative Winfrey story comes just two weeks before her final show in the US.

Some US media also picked up the diamond necklace story last week.


  1. I agree, there are no pink diamonds on it.
    It looks like a cheap costume jewel from Diva, as much as i love oprah, this was a big kick in the stomack after 6 months.
    Id rather not get anything instead of lies.

  2. I loved being a part of Oprah’s show. Wow. I was told not to expect anyting and I didn’t, but being promised a necklace with coloured diamonds in it was so awesome, I have been beside myself with excitement for months. I received my necklace today, I’m not convinced there are diamonds in it. Certainly there is no coloured anything. Am I disappointed, yes. I would have preferred nothing than a empty promise. I am gutted.

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