Oprah: The Finale

TEN has smartly scheduled the Oprah Winfrey finale in primetime next week.

The end of her 25 year run is certain to be big news across the media next week.

There will be three primetime episodes:

9:00pm Wednesday May 25
8:30pm Thursday May 26
9:00pm Friday May 27 (Final episode).

Out for next week are Glee, The Good Wife and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

So does this mean TEN will no longer screen the big O on weekday arvos? Not yet. Episodes are still scheduled for the week of May 29.

Meanwhile breakout the tissues for the big finale.

And no complainin’ about your free gifts, thanks cheapskates.


  1. how come om the Wed it is starting @ 9pm? Is it an extended Masterchef? I think 10 should be showing the finale on the Sunday, not Fri

  2. Even if Ten did stop showing Oprah during day time it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Judge Judy gets much higher numbers than her anyway.

    A few weeks back there were repeats of 2 guys a girl and a pizza place getting higher ratings than Oprah!

  3. I hate how Glee is just shoved aside when chanel 10 feel the need to put something else on. I’m sick of being mucked around by channel 10. I’m just going to find “other means” to watch Glee. No wonder why the numbers aren’t great, as far as I can tell alot of people watch Glee but alot seem to do it by other means than waiting for channel 10.

  4. Glee fans are now more than used to being screwed over by Ten. The stoopid thing is they are losing ratings by doing so!! Glee is one show many will not wait for and will illegally download. Imo they should now screen double episodes up til the season finale as we are 2 weeks behind. Even more bizaare is that The Good Wife has 2 eps left and they couldve screened both this week and been done with it???

  5. Could The Circle move to 12pm – 2pm and make a move back to Midday Australian programming reminiscent of the Midday Show? Or maybe even extend to 3 hours and have Dr Phil following on after in the old Oprah slot?

  6. Looking forward to seeing this. I think when TEN would move onto another OWN show once Oprah re-runs have stopped. Still on the look out for The View special, not sure when TEN is going to show that one.

  7. By the time Ten airs episode 20 in two’ weeks time, the season finale will have already aired in the US.

    Meaning they’ll be up to three episodes behind. Slack.

  8. Gosh, for a channel whose programmers openly admit the importance of “fast-tracking” shows like Glee they seem to have no problem being a few weeks behind and still “resting” it for a week or two here and there – i agree, no wonder ratings have dropped off – impatient fans will have turned to the internet and patient fans like me just have to wait and suffer!

  9. Will miss Oprah in the afternoons – what if Ten picked up the show The Doctors? I think I have seen on Channel Ten on Saturday afternoons – would be a good show to have at 1pm every week day!

  10. May 25 is also the night of State of Origin game 1 (QLD vs NSW) from Brisbane so it is perfect timing for Ten to have a good replacement for Glee. I also hear that NCIS will be rested on May 24 for an episode of Oprah.

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