Returning: Hustle

Season 4 of con-artist drama Hustle returns to ABC1 next week.

Season 4 of con-artist drama Hustle returns to ABC1 next week -but it actually aired in the UK in 2007.

This is because UKTV has the first-run rights in Australia.

Season 7 began in the UK in January.

With their old boss Mickey Bricks heading to Australia to help pull off a major con, Danny (Marc Warren) feels it’s time for him to take the lead. Only moments after meeting Albert’s (Robert Vaughn) mark, Anthony Westley a Texan movie memorabilia fanatic he has come up with a scam to sell Westley the famous Hollywood sign. This calls for the gang to make an impromptu trip to Los Angeles.

Once there, Danny convinces Westley that the sign is being put up for sale because it’s being replaced with a new one. Ash (Robert Glenister) poses as Richard Hamilton, the man in charge of maintenance of the sign who is now overseeing its sale.

For the scam to work, they need to get the real Richard Hamilton out of sight. Luckily, he has delusions of grandeur and a very confused secretary. Stacie (Jamie Murray) lures him away with the promise of an important multi network interview, whilst Ash and Danny work on the secretary to gain access to his building.

After their meeting with Hamilton, Danny claims that they can blackmail Richard using photos of him with a hooker. The sign is being sold by sealed bids, so unless he makes Westley’s bid the highest, these photos will go to his wife. In return, Danny gets a finder’s fee from Westley for having a man on the inside. Westley is willing to pay big money to get his hands on the sign, and will stop at nothing to ensure he wins the bid. But how will the gang get the cash if they cannot deliver the sign itself?

It returns 9:20pm Friday June 3 on ABC1.

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