Airdate: By Any Means

These crime-busters work in the grey area between law and justice and stop at nothing.

2013-12-29_1341Not to be confused with Charley Boorman’s travel series, By Any Means is a BBC crime series about crime-busters who work in the grey area between law and justice and who stop at nothing.

This 6 part series was created by Tony Jordan (Life on Mars, Hustle). It premiered in the UK in September.

By Any Means follows a clandestine department living on the edge and playing the criminal elite at their own game, existing in the grey area between the letter of the law and true justice.

Led by the sharp and elusive Jack Quinn (Warren Brown), alongside straight-talking Jessica Jones (Shelley Conn), digital whizz-kid Thomas Tomkins (Andrew Lee Potts) and ex-copper Charlie O’Brien (Elliot Knight), they stop at nothing to get the job done. Receiving their target from the mysterious Helen Barlow (Gina McKee), they weave a web of cunning and deception to deliver their unwary targets into the arms of justice.

In the first episode, an innocent family is terrorised and their father murdered in cold blood. Everyone knows that ruthless criminal Nick Mason is behind it, but Mason, the ‘Teflon Man’, walks free from his trial – the third time in five years he has evaded justice. Helen calls on Jack Quinn and his team for help. Convinced Mason has at least one corrupt police officer on his payroll, Helen wants Jack to take Mason down and get him off the streets.

9:30pm Tuesday, 7 January ABC1.

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