Returning: Spirited

The second season of Spirited will premiere on the W channel at 7:30pm, Wednesday July 20th.

The first season became Foxtel’s highest-rating Australian drama to date.

Returning are Claudia Karvan, Matt King and Rodger Corser with Karvan co-producing with writer Jacquelin Perske.

“We loved making series two,” Karvan and Perske said. “It has allowed us to expand our world and work with an amazing cast to create a wild and wonderful ride.”

 W channel manager Penny Win said, “W is proud to be launching this second season of Spirited in July and celebrating it as a high concept show unlike anything else on Australian television.”

The 14-week shoot wraps in Sydney this week. It is executive produced by Kim Vecera and John Edwards.

As the story resumes, dentist Suzy Darling (Karvan) and her rock star ghost Henry Mallet (King) are back together but the course of their love affair can never be straightforward. When Henry returns to the Elysian he brings with him a coterie of new ghosts whose fun and games wreak havoc on Suzy’s personal and professional life. Suzy still has her daughter Verity (Charlie Hancock) living with her, though her son Elvis (Louis Fowler) is living with his father Steve (Corser), Suzy’s lovable, serial pest of an ex-husband.

Suzy’s sister Jonquil (Belinda Bromilow) and Zac (Angus Sampson) are loved up and living downstairs in The Elysian apartment block. Zac becomes the definitive expert on Henry Mallet when he finally completes his Mallet biography.
Other returning cast include Jane Harders as Rita, Yael Stone as Linda, Charlie Garber as Adam “Two”, Paul Gleeson as Terry and Steve as Potter the cat.

Simon Lyndon plays one of the new characters, a powerful and charismatic ghost known as The King who takes quite an interest in Suzy. The King presents himself as a wise and ancient soul, surrounded by his acolytes, but Suzy and Henry sense he has a sinister secret.

Other new cast members include Heather Mitchell as Helen Payne, the mother Suzy and Jonquil have not seen since childhood; Sarah Snook as Antonia, a ghost who takes a liking to Henry and, therefore, a disliking to Suzy; Annie Maynard as Jennifer the make-up lady, a sweet, young woman who wants to put Henry’s soul to rest in her own special way; plus Anthony Phelan, Jacek Koman, Christopher Stollery and Kelly Butler, whose characters will be best revealed in the course of the 10-episode series

The world of Spirited is large, funny and warm-hearted. The story is a fantastical but very real romance between a ghost and a dentist. It’s a magical, perhaps impossible love but … some rules are meant to be broken.


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