Rove to present at ASTRAs

Updated: Rove McManus and David Speers will present at the 9th Annual ASTRA Awards at Sydney Theatre in July.

Updated: Rove McManus will present an award at the 9th Annual ASTRA Awards in July.

The Daily Telegraph reported the former TEN presenter would host Pay TV’s big night on July 21 at Sydney Theatre, Walsh Bay, but ASTRA today says he is a Presenter.

SKY News’ David Speers will also present. Speers hosted the event last year -on the same night as ‘Spillard,’ but he rose to the challenge with limited rehearsal.

McManus has already signed on to host a weekly show from the US for FOX8, Rove LA, due later this year.

ASTRA announced most of the nominees for this year’s awards yesterday with more due on June 16th.

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  1. No offence to Rove…nice bloke…but we really are devoid of real variety hosts in this country.Shane Bourne hosting the Logies.Tony Martin pretending to be Andrew Denton.Eddie McGuire hosting 3 failed shows (and will no doubt be given another).Richard Wilkins is still on air.Andrew O’Keefe (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-does he ever stop)?
    Ben Elton (stuck in the “Young One’s 80’s”).Paul McDermott stuck in a Big Gig timewarp.Sam Newman…enough said.
    And last & by all means least yes the supposed most popular person in Australia…Karl Stefanovic.It really is a sad state of affairs.

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