The Chaser planning new show

Not even the Royal Family can keep them down, and now The Chaser boys are getting started on a new project.

Not even the Royal Family can keep them down, and now The Chaser boys are getting started on a new project.

On Thursday, Chas Licciardello tweeted, “Good News: Will be scarce on Twitter for a few more months. Bad News: Because we’re working on another Chaser show.”

TV Tonight understands unlike some of the recent solo projects in television and radio, the new venture is another group project and puts to rest misconceptions that the team has split up.

Three of the Chaser team recently took part as guests in a panel pilot filmed at Seven, The Unbelievable Truth, based on the BBC Radio programme by creators Jon Naismith and Graeme Garden. They have also produced a new ABC series for Lawrence Leung.

Last month the ABC had to pull The Chaser‘s planned commentary of the Royal Wedding after last-minute restrictions were imposed by Clarence House.

Chris Taylor said, “We’ve been taken off air before but never by the Queen herself. It’s an honour.”

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  1. They’re always fun to have on the box. It’s become as fashionable to bash them (post- ‘Make a Wish’ sketch) as it used to be to fawn all over them telling everyone how much one loved them. They’re not God but also not the Devil.

  2. Yay! more chaser’s! (Hopefully as long as no one cancels them) 😀

    They should keep going after ACA and TT
    Aswell as going after the politicians and their riff raff

    I wonder which channel though….

  3. I love how polarising these guys are. You either love them or hate them. There’s no middle ground – thats the hallmark of great entertainers. They provoke a passionate response.

    ABC hasn’t been the same without them – will be great to have them back.

    BTW, I found that sick kids sketch hilarious. *waits for flames*

  4. The Panel mixed with Hungry Beast hosted by The Chaser would make me watch…whatever channel it’s Not on. Find some way to get Rebel Wilson in there and it would be the worst show ever.

  5. A think a live panel discussion type show/ mixed with skits would be good. Ie a mixed between TENs old the panel and hungry beast. Set topics could be talked about each week, politics/media, news, tv and gossip. All the guys are smart, funny and opinionative which is always good for debate.

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