Vale: Michele Fawdon

Actress Michele Fawdon, best known for TV roles in Matlock Police, A Country Practice and the film Cathy’s Child, died earlier today after a battle with cancer. She was 63.

Born in the UK, Fawdon began acting age 12, and moved to Australia early in her career.

She appeared in Matlock Police for 3 years, and A Country Practice for 10, but had many other roles in Ryan, Homicide, Special Squad, Punishment, The Flying Doctors, A Country Practice, G.P, All The Rivers Run 2, All Saints, Water Rats, Blue Heelers, Stingers, MDA, Bastard Boys and City Homicide.

She won two AFIs including Best Actress for Cathy’s Child in 1979 and Best Actress for a Telefeature for The Fish Are Safe in 1987. She was nominated in 1985 for Best Actress for Unfinished Business. She also performed in many theatre roles including the original Australian cast of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Her most recent role was in TV1’s Killing Time miniseries, yet to screen in Australia.

Source: Encore


  1. Madame Tango

    Very sad – she was an amazing actress. Benj she only appeared in six episodes of ACP spread out over 10 years and played three different guest characters.

  2. daveinprogress

    What a lovely actress she was – and a significant face in the heyday and coming of age of the local film industry. What a sad week this is turning out for the industry. It reiterates how much we need to celebrate and utilise the wonderfully natural resources we have in this country culturally.

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