ACMI tribute to 25 years of Margaret & David

Ahead of their 25th anniversary this year, ACMI will present an exhibition to celebrate the enduring partnership of Margaret Pomeranz & David Stratton.

Later this year Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton will mark 25 years of critiquing movies, making them an enduring duo on our television screens.

Pomeranz was originally Stratton’s producer at SBS, but stepped into a chair opposite him and hasn’t looked back.

In August the Australian Centre for the Moving Image will celebrate their anniversary with Margaret and David: 25 Years Talking Movies, an exhibition their partnership. Margaret and David will also take part in a series of special public programs at ACMI.

The curated exhibition will feature iconic reviews, interviews and discussions from Margaret and David’s 25 years on
Australian television and highlight the duo’s ongoing advocacy of the Australian film industry, support for art-house and foreign film, anti-censorship campaigns, and their substantial contribution to the field of film criticism.

Alongside archival and never-before-seen footage will be a selection of Margaret and David’s personal treasures, including Margaret’s coveted earrings, David’s ASIO file, and photos with some of the biggest stars of the silver screen.

“It’s amazing how quickly a quarter of a century passes when you’re having fun,” says Pomeranz. “How lucky we are that Australian audiences have stayed so loyal for so long. It’s a real honour for a wonderful arts centre like ACMI to celebrate our 25 years in this way.”

“Twenty-five years of arguing with Margaret – no wonder my beard has turned white,” says Stratton. “Seriously, we’re happy to have flourished for so long and we’re grateful to our audiences and to ACMI for its support.”

Margaret and David: 25 Years Talking Movies is exhibited in Gallery 2 at ACMI in Melbourne from 17 August, 2011.

Meanwhile in July, The Muppet Show will be featured in Live in the Studio, a live television appreciation event hosted by Boxcutters podcasters Josh Kinal and John Richards. It takes place on Thursday 28 Jul 2011, 7pm.

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  1. Wow – 25 years! Now that makes me feel old.
    Agree or disagree with them, there wouldn’t be a movie I’ve seen in that quarter-century where I didn’t check out their review first.
    In fact – I’d probably have gone to see many more movies than I have if it weren’t for them!

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