Jason Gann: “I’d gone as far as I was going to go in Australia”

Jason Gann has given an interview to the Hollywood Reporter in which he speaks about limited opportunities in Australia and his future ambitions.

“I’d gone as far as I was going to go in Australia doing the same thing,” Gann says.

“Adam (Zwar) didn’t want to do Wilfred anymore; he said he didn’t want to turn 40 and be talking to a guy in a dog suit.

“Because I played two very identifiable characters in Australia, it was difficult for me to start anything new; I was almost a prisoner to my character,” Gann said. “Having co-created two shows opened a lot of doors for me here.”

He also says he wants to become a showrunner.

“I want to be someone who creates Cheers or M*A*S*H,” he says.

“I want to make a multicamera sitcom … I want to try something that hasn’t been done before, like Married … With Children years ago that burst the bubble of what a multicam sitcom is.”

“I’ve got The Hollywood Reporter’s Chuck Lorre cover story up on my wall,” he added. “I find that inspirational as a series creator. To do what he has done is really what I want to do.”


  1. Chuck Lorre is who he looks up to? Alright, guess Zwar was definitely the talented one then. Opting not to do more Wilfred though, highly questionable. Like doing voiceover work on commercials is a better career choice.

  2. You tend to reach your ‘used by date’ at an early age in Australia. Over 50 & that’s it, whereas in the U.S. you are at your peak with producers wanting to book you.

  3. I think that’s a fair assessment. Some things Australia doesn’t do at all, or not very successfully, and heading overseas is the only way to be a part of it. Reviews are decent, so it may actually be something of a hit.

    Interesting that he mentions Married With Children. It had an episode where Buck the dog was a guy in a suit and spoke with Al. Perhaps that’s where his inspiration came from.

  4. Gosh Jason Gann and Rebel Wilson are doing well in the U.S! I remember watching them in The Wedge and thinking, they’re way too talented for that show. Interested to see this new Wilfred.

  5. It’s so true that so many can’t spread their wings here and it’s due to the limited vision of our commissioners. I hope Jason gets exactly what he wants

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