Jason Gann’s love / hate relationship with Wilfred -and the cannabis delivery business it spawned

"I don't think I can get in that dog suit again." Actor-writer Jason Gann opens up on the challenges of having a hit character.

Fans of Aussie comedy series Wilfred will be keen to hear an update from co-creator and star Jason Gann.

In an interview with ABC, Gann has spoken about the rollercoaster of comedy success, including Hollywood fame and a courtcase in Melbourne.

Wilfred, co-created with co-star Adam Zwar, screened on SBS for just two seasons from 2007 – 2010 before a US adaptation running for 4 seasons with Elijah Wood and Gann as the mangy dog berating his owner.

But Gann also struggled to keep wearing the dog suit which had shot him to success.

He told ABC about waiting in his trailer for a photo shoot on Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

“I see this suit just hanging there ominously. Like, I don’t think I can get in that dog suit again. In all the years of suffering and what that dog suit represented, I got down on my knees and I said, God, please help me find a way to love this,” he said.

Years later he would liken the suit to that of a superhero, possibly as a way of coming to terms with its necessity.

After Wilfred‘s end in 2014 he spent time pitching new projects in the US to no avail and giving up chasing the Hollywood dream.

On one occasion he posted an image of ‘Wilfred‘s weed delivery service’ which sent fans wild about the idea of the dog coming to their house to deliver weed and, for an extra fee, smoking a bong on the sofa.

Since then, Gann’s cannabis delivery business has taken off. He’s had to learn about design, manufacturing, and marketing, all on the fly. He even dons the dog costume from time to time.

“That dog has given me so much. Even though I wanted to throw him away so many times, he just keeps coming back,” Gann said.

“Every time I put it on and every time I draw on that black nose, it’s an honour and it’s a little ceremony.

“I just am very grateful that at this age I’m still dragging on the dog suit every now and then. I don’t put it on as much, but every time I do, it’s special.”

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