Kochie’s dig at Exec Producer

Very surprising comments from David Koch regarding Sunrise Executive Producer Michael Pell this week.

After Pell, 27, made a directive that Kochie’s Joke of the Day be ditched, Koch turned to viewers for back-up.

He showed a photo of Pell and his Twitter and email account details -without permission- and triggered viewer reaction.

“They told us he looked like he hadn’t started shaving and should be dispatched to sense of humour rehab,” Koch told News Limited.

“We’re talking about a young whipper-snapper with great ideas here, but he didn’t understand the eight year tradition of joke of the day in this instance. I saw him after the show and by then he had received the wrath of Sunrise viewers – but even then he still wanted to put it to a telephone poll.”

Nice way to treat the boss, even if you are his senior in years.

This contrasts with the way Koch profiled Pell to TV Tonight last September.

“Michael is taking on a top job at an age that Adam (Boland) did when we first started Sunrise.

“It’s not as if you have someone coming in who doesn’t understand what Sunrise is and what we stand for,” says Koch.

“We looked outside because that’s what you should do. You should get the very best. It just confirmed exactly what we thought, we’ve got the best on side already.”

In commenting on the last remarks, Pell was polite: “Sunrise is a family and David and I have the father and son relationship, so there’s always going to be some creative tension.”

Father and son or nephew and embarrasing uncle?


  1. Rumor has it daddy koch is less than thrilled with the idea of a third host and this is his subtle but forceful way of knowing who’s really boss

  2. I’m with @daveinprogress here. Somewhat reminiscent of The Morning Show segment with Larry Emdur stealing the EP’s ice-cream.. who then appeared on the set angry.. live to air. Yawn.

  3. It was disrespectful towards his boss and very unprofessional. And for what? A two minute segment that’s probably not even that funny? Seriously, what a diva.

  4. David I think you missed the real revelation of the story:

    David Koch believes Sunrise stands for something.

    I’m guessing they stand for something when they have to do a segment without chairs.

  5. @ Mike, you may know Michael Pell, but you are very mistaken if you think that Michael Pell has the power alone to fire David Koch. It would be a decision made from close to the very top of the Seven hierarchy, not by a new executive producer who is still finding his feet.

  6. really, you have a plain, middle aged accountant who is the most uncool person on earth and a mumsy, twee boring female host – i know the bogans love em, god bless em, those crazy freaks, but really, get them off tv.

  7. I wake up with Today thus I don’t need to put up with this behaviour. I don’t have to put up with cross promotion of rubbish and people in the background.

  8. Please dump Kochie..he’s getting more annoying by the day..I used to like him but now find him condescending and way too “blokey” to relate to.He’s become a real bore..and his joke of the day is always cringeworthy

  9. I know Michael – he is a lovely, talented guy who is trying to re-fresh Sunrise. Michael – take my advice and I have told you this before…dump the annoying boring irritating Kochie and he can take his jokes with him

  10. daveinprogress

    I did see one of Kochie’s protests at the ditching of the segment. I do think it unlikely that Michael Pell didn’t know about, and provide the info/image for that graphic that flashed on the screen. I would say that pretty much nothing is created or put together on a show like that without the executve producer either sanctioning or at least aware of it. No segment producer would risk the ire of the boss in bypassing him to make such a big deal about the dropping of the joke.

  11. Kochie’s not really old enough to use that expression without being tongue in cheek, he’s a young whipper snapper to some people. Only grumpy old grand dads get to use that properly, he needs a few more decades to get that crotchety. He’s just using that expression to try and devalue the opinions of his boss, the joke of the day is cringeworthy and much like that expression they are better suited to be told by someone who is about 80, unless kochie has a really good plastic surgeon I don’t think he’s there yet. Why’s he trying to act older than he is?

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