Netball fans fuming at TEN delays

Sports viewers are once again fuming at a broadcaster for delays to important matches, but this time it’s not tennis, NRL, AFL or even V8s -it’s netball fans angry with Network TEN.

Last night the Australian Diamonds played New Zealand’s Silver Ferns in a last hitout before July’s World Championships.

But in a gross misjudgment by TEN it won’t be screened until midnight / 12am Tuesday on TEN -more than 24 hours after it has finished.

Irate fans have taken to TEN’s Facebook page to vent their fury.

Michaley Phokos: Channel ten what a disgrace! We have the 2 best netball teams in the world playing and you can not find time between the re runs and fishing shows to show a test match! These women are not only great athletes but great role models for all children and potential athletes! What is even worse is if it was a male sports test match it would be shown no questions ask! The amount of criticism should really show how much following netball has across the board! This is really disappointing…you can’t give ur support to out female athletes! Channel ten…not good enough!!!

Graham Watt: Pathetic Channel Ten, not only have you failed to show a test match live, you can’t even manage to show it within 24 hours of it being played. You then have the hide to schedule it the next day at midnight when the core audience would be asleep, you will probably then tell us it rated badly. I hope the coverage of the World Championships will be better.

Hetty Spagetti Toze: Channel Ten. Right now anyone can watch this netball tonight at 630 pm on Bigpond. Just remember your failure to meet the needs of Netball fans tonight, and with the coming of the National Broadband Network it is the way of the future. Instead of building a loyal customer base, you have disenfranchised them. NBN is coming, and with it the demise of your business. Good luck gents!

Patricia McFadzean: Not happy channel 10.. How many people do you think watch netball? 1000’s. you better get it right for the World cup coverage.

Natalee Withers: you should be ashamed Channel 10 not showing the netball internationals live!! The most popular sport for females in Australia and you cannot back your own country and show the netball tests live or at least at a reasonable hour! and what are you doing about world championships??? GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER !! Foxtel had much better netball coverage!!!

Justine Stephens: How good is the Australian Netball Coverage!!! Pretty bloody CRAP!!! Australia has one of the best netball teams in the world and you show your support by showing a test match a whole day and a half later and at a time when no ones awake to watch it!! Great support Channel Ten. So I guess showing any of the World Champs is out of the question then! Try showing your support for Australian Sports Women, they’re part of this country too ya know!!!!!

Cathryn Williams: You should give the rights to the telecast to a station that will actually show it!!! What’s the use of having extra channels if you are going to show the same thing on both!!! I guess this is the sort of treatment we’ll get for the World Championships….I will have to go and ‘dislike’ later now I’ve had my say. Time to put my digital radio onto Grandstand Extra. Thank goodness for the ABC!!!!!

Michael Tran: It seems that your whole wall is full of hate mail. Serves you right. And why arent you replying to our questions? Shame on you! Australian Netball Fans are not happy. It seems that your ratings will drop soon. Its something called karma. Think about the students who have school (like me) who have to wake up so early just to watch it and missing out valuble time of sleep which is needed for teens.

Wendy Anne Vernon: Netball is the most popular female sport played in Australia week in and week out by all ages, at various skill levels. Australian women play netball more than any other sport genre. So, why is it that yourselves and ALL T.V. channels throughout Australia continue to snub this mighty game? Are you sexist?? Are you stupid??

Janita Ferris: Channel ten you are very quiet about something that many others are very upset about, the Netball coverage. I think maybe you misjudged your public. It is extremely disappointing as a netball supporter to be treated this way. Maybe you should rethink your scheduling of the netball in future or pass it onto someone who will give it the priority it deserves.


  1. Does anyone know if there is a replay of any desciption planned.
    Everyone furious about live coverage and I agree…but I am putrid
    of the fact that because of delay I was only part way through when
    it ceased taping. Sooo frustrating because I was unable to watch
    match in entirety!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to both theams for such a great game. Shame I only saw until half way of the 4th quarter! I don’t have HD TV and tried to record Channel 10 on my Foxtel as the delayed broadcast was so late. At least 30 minutes of the scheduled broadcast was F1 coverage so I suppose the scheduled time for the netball ran out. Channel 10 should wise up and show more support for the major womens sport in the country. There’s more than TV ratings – who do they think buys from Coles for example, their major Masterchef sponsor? You allienate a large group like netball supporters and it will have a flow on effect. I for one am going to boycott Channel 10 until I get to see the whole Netball final, hopefully I can download from internet.

  3. Oh my god i am from New zealand and all i want to see on TV is the netball world champs I cannot believe the lack of support your netball teams get over here they are so talented and deserve as much time on tv as any other world class sports team.. Even little old NZ has better coverage and advertising . Disappointing!!!!!

  4. They (the Aussie team) is one of the most successfully teams in Aussie sporting history. They play the most exciting games, who remembers the Comm. Game in London,extra time plus golden point. very nerve wrecking.
    Maybe if TEN / One would advertise when that the wounderful game of netball was to be televised at ‘their’ scheduled time then maybe they would get the ratings. I have to phone southern cross ten to find out when the world championships will be teleivised. Shame on you channel 10 for not putting all the Australian games on live.
    Lets show our support to our team by watching every game and show TEN what the rating could be like.Lets get behind our girls – Go the Diamonds!!!

    I have been to the netball world championships and it is an experience i will never forget.

  5. To be fair you can’t say netball doesn’t draw the ratings. When has it been shown to measure? Particularly test matches. I am sure Poker and Bull Riding on ONE HD dont draw the ratings either …..

  6. I would be happy to pay for pay tv to watch netball live or at reasonable times!! Highest participation rate for women in Aussie and NZ. Hello is anyone home at TV programming????

  7. I don’t get why the Ten Network has three channels (1hd, Ten Digital and Eleven) and the same programme is shown on two of the channels. Isn’t that why you have more channels, so you can show more variety. Put the bloody netball on one of them. What does the time of the game have to do with anything? You’ve got three bloody channels put the Motor Racing on one, the bloody AFL is on 7 on Sundays anyway and all you geeks can still watch Merlin on 10, that still leaves channel eleven for the netball…..everybody happy!!!!! Whoever is in charge of scheduling at the ten Network needs to be fired.

  8. Secret Squïrrel

    @Matt – the number of people playing netball isn’t in dispute. It’s about how many people will watch on TV. And I agree that a match between the two top nations should count for something but, as I wrote earlier, you can say that about any number of second and third tier sports.

    At the risk of repeating myself I’ll say it again – ratings are king and netball has simply not been getting the numbers.

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