Southern Star boss: “I fired Peter Everett.”

Southern Star Productions have responded to yesterday’s interview with former host of Ready Steady Cook, Peter Everett.

Chief Executive Officer Rory Callaghan said,  “I took the decision to move on in consultation with the network. I think we’d reached a point where we all needed to move on.”

Yesterday Everett told TV Tonight he was disappointed he was no longer fronting the show, and was told in a phone call just before he was heading overseas.

Ready Steady Cook is now hosted by Colin Lane, the show’s third host since 2005 but many viewers have expressed their support for Everett saying his personality defined the show.


  1. JaydenLawson

    I tell you what – I stopped watching that show because of Peter Everett. I just found him irritating, and simply a bad host.

    Since Colin Lane has been doing the show I was very hesitant to watch it again. Even the Ready Steady Cook theme song irritated me – that’s how much of a bad job Peter Everett did to the brand.

    Now I Completely love it!! Colin is a breath of fresh air, he’s funny, he gets along with all the contestitants, and it’s just good, fun viewing.

    Well done Channel 10 for hiring Colin!!

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