Top Gear drives to South Korean TV

BBC Worldwide has sold another adaptation of Top Gear, this time to South Korea.

It follows licensed formats sold to Australia, Russia and the US.

CJ E&M, South Korea’s biggest media conglomerate, will create the Korean version of Top Gear to air on men’s lifestyle channel XTM, hosted by former professional racing driver Kim Jin-Pyo, car and bike enthusiast Kim Kap-Soo and Yeon Jung-Hoon, a member of the Korean celebrity racing circuit.

The series will retain many of the core elements of the Top Gear format, including “tame racing driver” The Stig and the challenges, including a planned race against the famous KTX ‘bullet train’ and an epic journey from Seoul to Busan.

Adam Waddell, the managing director for Top Gear at BBC Worldwide, said: “The Top Gear brand has a strong presence in South Korea, with the original UK version and the magazine already having successfully launched there.

“We’re delighted that South Korean viewers will get to see their own local version, with a unique Korean spin on an internationally-renowned format.”

New episodes of Top Gear Australia are yet to air on Nine this year.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. Wonder if the BBC is getting their money’s worth with the AU license?

    3 eps and a special late last year and nothing since, not good enough Nine!

    Good thing their is a shinny new series starting Sunday in the UK 🙂

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