Wife Swap Australia to begin production

Earlier this week LifeStyle YOU today announced it had commissioned Shine Australia to produce a local version of Wife Swap, where two wives from radically different families swap places for a week.

Nicole Sheffield, General Manager, LifeStyle Channels, said: “LifeStyle Channels have brought the most amazing lifestyle formats to Australia. We know that Wife Swap Australia, with its mirror on Australian domestic lives, will further expand on that. We have a strong hold on property, makeover and food productions, and this series moves us into the next evolution of lifestyle content in this country – life change.

“As the home of all Wife Swap UK and US series’ it is well known by our viewers – and Aussies will take it to a whole new level. From white collar privileged households to domestic neat freaks and self described supernannies – no parenting, family, diet, racial or socio economic stone will go unturned. We’ll see Australian families through fresh eyes, it will be fascinating and heart-warming viewing.” .

Shine Australia will begin production on the 10-part one-hour series immediately for premiere on LifeStyle YOU in early 2012.


  1. wonder if this will be a breeding ground for attention whores/reality tv contestant addicts as it appeared to ended up becoming in the US (i.e balloon boy scandal family, that crazy god lady that admitted to putting an act on, etc)

  2. are u interested in having a same sex woman couple on your show with a 10 yr old son.cause we watch this show all the time and think holy shit,could u imagine a woman comming into our lives and changing everything,cause im a head strong lesbian with a very short fuse if anything that doesnt do my way actually i have a short fuse when it comes too anything..lol..however my partner of almost 7 years is the tottal opposite she is laid back and takes every thing in her stride and yes im her princess…lol

  3. i used to love wife swap but it is past its prime..they have shown so many families from hell that they had to turn it into a freak show to make each season more exciting. but where do you go from there?

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