LifeStyle YOU hits the sexy button

LifeStyle YOU has undergone a channel refresh with semi-naked hunks having their clothes ripped off.

LifeStyle YOU has undergone a channel refresh today, by hitting the ‘sexy’ button.

It now features channel idents with semi-naked hunks, including The Iron Man and The Pool Man, whose attire is shamelessly ripped off all without using the words “now that we have your attention.” And did we mention the gratuitous close-up?

Clearly targetting female viewers, Jens Hertzum, Creative Director, LifeStyle Channels says, “The YOU brand needed to align itself with the attitudinal, playful and emotional content that Australian women love to watch. I’m delighted with the new idents and new ‘Look at…YOU’ tagline as they reflect the growing demand for the forward thinking, fun and unique female skew content that we are experiencing.”

‘The Men of YOU’, features ‘a drop dead gorgeous fireman heroically hosing down engulfing flames and saving a cute fluffy puppy; to a handsome homemaker baking delicious muffins for you to devour, guilt free; and a dreamy hunk ironing in nothing but briefs while gazing into your eyes with his intimate and loving stare, all are specifically created to appeal to every woman’s fantasy, inviting sexy, sassy and smart Aussie ladies to ‘Look at…YOU.’’

On a more serious note, it is nearly three years ago since the channel launched, now featuring Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, The Only Way Is Essex, Gok’s Fashion Fix, Wife Swap Australia and Dance Moms.

But would another channel get away with this if it did the same with female models? Hmm, speaking of FUEL TV….



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  1. Lifestyle You knows very well who its audience is. It is also the home of RuPaul’s Drag Race and other programs targeted at gay men as well as women and it would be better if their channel statements could be more inclusive to their viewers – something like “specifically created to appeal to our audiences’s fantasy”, rather than the gender-specific line used above.

    Meanwhile, I have a few odd jobs around the house that need doing…

  2. I have pay tv but the only channels i watch are the sport channels . The rest i dont bother too many adds and too many repeats. How sexist is this, must be desperate for viewers.

  3. I agree David, it’s unlikely this would be considered acceptable if it was women having their clothes torn off. Apparently sexism is only unacceptable if it’s women do it.

    Now I’ll be accused of “not having a sense of humor” or told I need to “lighten up” – funny how these were the things said to women when they made sexism accusations…

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