A Current Affair lands Lady Gaga interview

EXCLUSIVE: A Current Affair has landed a major coup with Lady Gaga set to appear in a one-on-one interview with Tracy Grimshaw, followed by a performance.

The interview, which will be her first TV appearance during her promo tour, will also take place before a studio audience.

Lady Gaga, recently named as the world’s most powerful celebrity by Forbes Magazine, will feature next Monday night across the full half-hour, with the show even re-branded as “A Gaga Affair.”

“Lady Gaga is one of the most exciting performance artists in the world right now,” Grimshaw said.

“She is brave, provocative and passionate. And I gather, can be a bit unpredictable in interviews if she chooses! So bring it on.”

Gaga’s visit to Australia for an appearance at ‘Sydney Monster Hall’ some of which will also be seen later on GO!

“A Gaga Affair” will air at 6:30pm on Monday, July 11 on Nine and will be streamed live at aca.ninemsn.com.au.


  1. Another attempted stunt for Ch 9 & ACA to overbrag & boast that they’re ‘number 1’ for news, shows & current affairs, when they in fact they go far too overboard in promotions & ouput decisions in programming.

  2. @ Kaeye….yes it will be from tcn… but will it be live??? has it already be recorded?? there is alot of mystery surrounding miss GaGa!

    Well Done ACA. weather u love her or hate her, lady gaga is very popular. and regardless that Tracy G is right or wrong for the job, we all should be happy for Tracy that she gets to interview her! not an easy thing to organise! i mean look at the other ppl who have interview lady gaga!
    I think kerri-anne is jealous!!! but u never know what could happen when lady gaga is at the famous studio of ch9!

    thats something to think about people!

  3. @Kaeye here here i totally agree Tracy is a great jurno and an even better interviewer it is just the show her talent is so wasted on ACA she deserves her own interview show something like enough rope instead of the sh*t that she now hosts

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