Bananas in Pyjamas in world domination

Bananas in Pyjamas new animated series has now sold to Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia & NZ.

Fresh from the ‘rescue’ of B1 and B2, ABC’s Bananas in Pyjamas is notching up some impressive international sales.

Their new animated series, which launched in Australia in May on ABC 4 Kids block on ABC2, has now sold to every major European market, Ireland, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and New Zealand.

It will air on Channel Five UK, whose Milkshake slot is one of the highest regarded children’s preschool blocks internationally. In July it joins Disney Asia in July, in September Cartoon Network’s European, Middle East and African outlets and in January the Discovery Kids’ Latin American channel.

Cathy Payne, Chief Executive of Endemol Worldwide Distribution said “Bananas in Pyjamas has been warmly received by the international market. Broadcasters have embraced the return of the much loved characters in a fresh format that better meets the need of their schedule andaudience, while at the same time, retains the quintessential endearing qualities of the brand.”

ABC TV Executive Head of Children’s TV Tim Brooke-Hunt said “The Bananas in Pyjamas sit alongside Play School as ABC TV’s most important and enduring pre-school brands.

“I am delighted that our decision to invest in reviving the Bananas via a new animated series has proven enormously successful, both in terms of an increased domestic audience and in sales to major international broadcasters. I have every confidence that a whole new generation of children around the world will grow up loving the Bananas every bit as much as their predecessors.”

The new series on ABC2 is averaging 168,000 viewers, and a further 87,000 viewers for repeats.

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  1. @ The Harp: Upon reading that, I noticed that even the bears resemble condoms! (Just look at the middle one!)

    Maybe this rebooting is implicitly attempting to condition good old fashioned safe sex values in children, since abstinence and fidelity clearly aren’t catching on in the Western world. =P

  2. Wow. I can barely recoginse the teddies. They look terrible with the bananas not looking much better. Not impressed. Why wouldn’t they just keep them with the same look they’ve always had? I had no idea they even revived the show with a CGI version. Might have to record an episode or 2 just to see how much the show has changed since I watched as a child.

  3. Am I the only one deeply offended by the homogenised new cartoon version of these Aussie kids’ TV icons? It looks terrible now – I much prefer the older live action costumes. Maybe I am being naive and nostalgic, but why make another TV show look like all the others? A real shame.

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