Creek to Coast reaches 500 episodes

Tomorrow, a locally-produced Queensland series reaches its 500th episode.

Creek to Coast loves the outdoors, whether cruising offshore from the Gold Coast, touring a fourby across Cape York, strapping into a rally car, or jumping aboard a helicopter in the Kimberley, it’s all here.

Produced by Brisbane-based production company TPD Media, the show first began in 1999 and has now surpassed more than 2,500 individual shoot days, 3000-hours of footage and 250-hours of broadcast television.

The crew includes ‘Big-Scottie’ Hillier, Martin Bowerman, Gary Howard, Roger Vickery, Liz Cantor and Kimberley Busteed, the only Miss Universe contestant to boast barramundi fishing and beach worming as a talent.

Host Scott Hillier says the show owes much of its longevity to a down-to-earth approach to content based on real-world experiences.

“I think the key is that the whole team, both on-screen andbehind the camera, practice what we preach. When we’re not out filmingfishing, camping or four-wheel-driving, we’re doing the exact same thing withour friends and families,” he says.

“We follow a pretty simple but effective formula – find interesting people, spend a day having fun with them, and film exactly what happens.

“We’re lucky here in Queensland that fishing, camping and generally exploring the outdoors is a way of life, which means there are always people interested in finding new places to visit and new activities to do when they get there.”

The 500th episode sees the team on location with the Nomad Sportfishing Adventures, on the outer edge of the Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea.

It airs 5.00pm, Saturday July 2 on Channel 7 Queensland.


  1. Brownies Coastwatch was a much better show. Creek to Coast seems very ego-driven around it’s host like it’s tiresome sister program ‘the Great South East’. Glad Ten News is there to watch instead of this in Queensland.

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