Marcus Graham joins Home and Away

Marcus Graham, still well-remembered for his soapie character Wheels in E-Street, will appear in Home and Away from next month.

Graham, who also appears in ABC’s Crownies, plays Harvey Ryan who runs a local fishing charter, described as “a big fish in a small pond and more than capable of winning a woman over with his smile, his easy charm and his blokey boatie ways.

In his first episode Romeo (Luke Mitchell) is convinced that Harvey trashed his boat in an attempt to sink his business. Then, when he finds Harvey stealing his clients and blatantly copying his business ideas, Romeo decides to play rough and reports Harvey to the police as a suspect in the vandalism of the boat. The gloves are off and both men settle in for a war.

His first appearance is August 10th.


  1. Great to see Marcus again. Don’t see nearly enough of him on TV. He’s a magnificent actor and it doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous as well. I hope he stays on Home and Away for a long time.
    We miss him.

  2. That’s good news … looking forward to his arrival … and how great is it at the moment with all the River Boys and so on … love it!!!

  3. Yes, will always remember marcus as Wheels. I wish they could have thought of a better name for his H&A character. He dosn’t look like a Harvey . But H&A have a habit of doing that. Juke Jacobz never looked like an Angello either.

  4. I’m sure he’s done many other things since but for me he will always be unforgettable as “Wheels” in E Street, another Ch 10 soap that should be repeated. Good to see him back on the small screen.

  5. Good addition for Home and Away. I thought he was outstanding in City Homicide recently and I still have a soft spot for Good Guys Bad Guys from the late 90’s.

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