Upfronts 2022: What can we expect from Seven?

After a strong performance in 2021, Seven is ready to lift the curtain on 2022.

Tomorrow Seven will unveil its Upfronts for 2022, expected to see most of its Sonia-led schedule renewed, after a strong performance in 2021 -and there are a few rumours doing the rounds.

Seven is currently filming Dancing with the Stars and SAS Australia with another Big Brother coming in 22.

But the pandemic also hit Live productions hard with Australia’s Got Talent and The Full Monty unable to proceed while Australian Idol, due in early 2022 is also pushed back (it’s less clear how Seven feels about the show now that it has two editions of The Voice coming).

It’s also not clear what plans there are for Holey Moley (given the investment in the mini golf course) but Ultimate Tag will be off the list.

Fingers crossed for a second season of RFDS, a handsomely-produced feelgood drama. Alongside Home & Away, what else does Seven have up its Drama sleeve?

In addition to the Winter Olympics, the AFR suggests Seven will announce the Birmingham Commonwealth Games to be held from late July.

The Australian also speculates on the return of My Kitchen Rules and a new renovation show Apartment Rules.


The Voice,
The Voice: Generations,
Farmer Wants a Wife,
Big Brother,
SAS Australia,
Dancing with the Stars: All Stars,
Beijing Winter Olympics / Paralympics,
The Ipcress File,

Expected to be renewed:

Seven News,
The Morning Show,
The Chase,
Home and Away,
The Front Bar,
Better Homes and Gardens,
The Latest,
7News Spotlight,
Outback Truckers,


Holey Moley,
Australian Idol,
Homicide: with Ron Iddles,
Australia: Now and Then,
Fat Pizza: Back in Business,
Australia’s Sexiest Tradie,

Highway Patrol,
Border Security: Australia’s Frontline,


Commonwealth Games: Birmingham,
My Kitchen Rules,
Apartment Rules,

Not expected to return:

Ultimate Tag

Yet to air in 2021:

Big Brother VIP,
SAS Australia: Hell Week,
Fam Time,

The All New Monty,
Australia’s Got Talent,
Around the World in 80 Days,
Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries,

TV Tonight is Live blogging Seven Upfronts from 12:30pm Tuesday.

11 Responses

  1. Biggest thing i’m hoping for in 2022 is the return of RFDS. That was such a great drama and i’d be so disappointed if they axed it. Has so much potential.
    Holey Moley was decent. I mean if they drop it after one season it wouldn’t surprise me as it did get repetitive in the end and one thing they could do is have more holes to make it more enjoyable as seeing the same holes over and over did get a bit boring but it has the fun factor about it. Just maybe not stripped. Once a week for 90 minutes is enough.
    As for The Voice well i’m glad its back but really disliking the Generations idea. I’d rather a Voice kids or even Voice Teens which has been done in a few countries. It might surprise me though but i dunno.
    Love the Comm Games too so if they get that, that would be awesome. Wondering which network will get the next Olympics too. Seven did such a great job this year. I know it’s out of our timezone but Brisbane is coming so maybe a package deal of some sort 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Apartment Rules sounds just like House Rules! Will be interesting to see any differences in the show’s format! Very interesting Seven might also go back to MKR, maybe it’s a little too early for that?

    Also, I do hope Holey Moley is given a second chance. However, I think it should be quite like the American version, with one hour episodes one a week, for a 10 episode run or so. Family fun on Sunday night would be perfect!

    1. Agree – too early to bring back MKR. Audience are looking for warmth and kindness, not bitchiness and nasty drama. If so, then call it Catfights in the Kitchen.

      Double dose of The Voice??? Hmm, not learnt the lesson of cooking the golden goose too early. Park Australian Idol, otherwise audiences will be suffocated from this reality genre.

      Holey Moley: after all the investment in the golf course – yes, another series but leave the annoying American commentator at home. Perhaps pair Matt Shirvington with Edwina Bartholomew? They were good together when hosting their session of the Olympics.

  3. While here we quote viewers numbers the real numbers are on the ASX
    Seven West Media is worth .41.5cents per share
    Nine Entertainment is worth $2.77cents per share
    The market prefer NEC and you can see why ?

    1. I realize this is not a finance site but it is market cap (share price*number of shares outstanding) more than share price alone that one needs to look at when assessing the value of a co. Yes, share price movement indicates a markets mood on a stock; seven are clearly going through fundamental balance sheet repair (something nine went through a few years back and ten attempted recently also), but hats off to seven, they’ve reduced their debt by 2/3 in a I think 3 years while also improving their ratings.

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