ONE makes room for Guerilla Gardeners

If you're wondering about that unseen episode about a patch of green up the road, here's where you'll find it.

Whatever happened to Guerilla Gardeners?

It was a 2009 TEN show where a group of landscapers and gardeners were giving public eyesores a renegade makeover, but it ran into a few troubles. One council didn’t take kindly to their property being touched without permission. There was even an outcry that the concept had been pinched, denied by the Producers.

Worst of all, the show didn’t attract the kind of numbers to keep it on primetime.

That left TEN with a bunch of episodes on the shelf, which are now playing at 5pm weekdays on ONE.

So if you’re wondering about that unseen episode about a patch of green up the road, that’s where you might find it. Yesterday’s episode was “St. Kilda” and today’s is “Annandale.”

And for the record, producers Cordell Jigsaw went on to produce Go Back to Where You Came From -poles apart, really….

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  1. Very good show… just watched tonights episode. Funny concept and easy watching. No over repeating (block and masterchef)… we aren’t dumb as an audience, we don’t need a recap every 3 minutes.
    Put this back on main TEN.

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