Report: Matt Preston out of Junior MasterChef

Matt Preston will take time out from the MasterChef brand when Junior MasterChef rolls around, and be replaced by Matt Moran.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Preston will concentrate on his duties as a food critic. He previously declined a chance to guest judge the US season of MasterChef because of conflicting schedules. The series makes huge demands of its participants, as well as lengthy periods in Sydney.

WA-based Anna Gare will return for Junior Masterchef, whilst George Calombaris is also expected to be involved.


  1. Not understanding the dislike of Matt Moran. I think he’s really good, has a great manner and is helpful to the contestants. I like him better than Matt Preston, actually.

    I wouldn’t mind another round of Celebrity Masterchef, either, as I really enjoyed it. Something about the format didn’t quite gel, but with a bit of tweaking, I reckon they could do another series of it, easy.

  2. They should get Terry Durack (SMH Food Critic) to give it a whirl. Kids would be crying and clawing each other as Terry doesn’t anyone over 13 out of 20 for anything!! LOL. Matt Moran is so last year….What about Ian Hewittson? He’d be at least fun for the kids.

  3. I respect him even more by putting his journalist work before his television work. He still has a reputation to maintain.

    I can’t remember but did Jnr MC only get aired 2 nights a week??

  4. Matt Moran. I don’t like him. I can understand why Matt Preston is doing what he is doing but i just cant stand Moran! I loved last year and the kids sort of freaked out a bit when Matt came in because of the type of judge he is. Moran on the otherhand doesn’t have that. They could have found some one better i recon.

  5. Im enjoying Matt Moran this year. I thought it would be George that would take a break so he can spend time with his first child and partner.

    As long as they dont patronise the kids in the final last year when they gave Jack 11 nad 12’s out of 10 for his dish so he would be closer in score to Isabella. I know that they probably didnt do it to bring him closer but it just cam across that way.

    Anyway I didnt mind junior masterchef. The kids wernt pretentious like I thought they would be.

  6. That really sucks, I found that Matt P really seems to connect more with the kids last season, whereas I find myself more inclined to channel surf on the MC eps where Matt Moran is on, definately seems to come off as disingenuous and polarizing!

  7. I’d love another celebrity version but with a slightly different format.

    I know they’re all very busy people but the heats just didn’t work for me.

    Yeah, it’s good for Matt Preston to get a break. Honestly they don’t need 5 presenters! Some shows work with just one!

  8. John Citizen

    Argh.. I can’t stand Junior MasterChef… Nothing against the kids, its just the whole production – takes everything to the next level of emotion… Bahhh.

  9. @David S.
    I completely agree – it’s humilitating. You can just imagine all the stage mums out there frenziedly training their precocious urchins to flambe Chateaubriand.

    Mind you, your Cute Puppy Renovation show has possibilities – I’d watch that 😉

  10. Oh hell. I was hoping that Junior MasterChef had been a one-time thing. How humiliating to once again be a citizen of a country who’s most popular TV viewing is a children’s competitive cooking show! That is unless another network comes up with a home renovation show featuring spider monkeys and cute puppies I suppose.

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