Airdate: Camelot

Nine will soon air big-budget drama Camelot, based on the Arthurian legend.

Nine will soon air big-budget drama Camelot, starring Joseph Fiennes.

The Irish-Canadian series on the Arthurian legend premiered in the US on the Starz Network in February. The Tudors‘ Michael Hurst was a co-creator.

But in June announced it would not renew the series, which will stand at 10 episodes.

A historical drama chronicling the Arthurian legend. King Uther dies, leaving young commoner Arthur as heir to the throne of England, where he is championed by the wizard Merlin but destined to tangle with his evil half sister, the sorceress Morgan.

Nine will premiere it with a double episode at 9:30pm Sunday August 28th.

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  1. Oh and I forgot to mention, Game of Thrones compared was apparently only
    $4.5 million an episode.

    Although that does sound insane when it’s production and quality is miles ahead.

  2. @Tony H

    Starz isn’t really all that cheap.

    Spartacus cost around $5 million an episode.

    Camelot was $7 million.

    It’s part of building a brand. Spartacus will only get bigger, better and grander and more expensive.

    These things aren’t cheap.

  3. I think Starz Network needs to rename itself. Despite it’s failed attempts at quality shows (all have been crap so far), it could well be an international off-shoot of the 9 Network. Cheap shows like the Spartacus franchise do not suggest a quality brand. For some reason, the BBC have now gone into an alliance with them. That will confuse the execs at 9.

  4. All that advertising they did pushing this show… and now they just throw it away to a 9.30pm timeslot… who comes up with these ideas?

    Granted the shows been cancelled… but they could have played it up as a mini-series or television event over a couple months…
    just idiots they are…

  5. I have seen a few episodes. It’s not bad, it’s just not that good either.

    Biggest issue is, Aurther. He’s not believable as a leader and someone people would follow.

    He’s surrounded by all these strong, honorable men and just comes off like a scrawny and immature.

    It’s kind of like, oh he’s the king we should follow. So it was like eh..

  6. @Secret Squïrrel – I agree I don’t like double eps, especially when the program starts at 9:30 (likely to be later) and I bet you it won’t finish until midnight, not idea on a Sunday night.

    It it was on GEM they could have had 5x ‘movie length’ eps starting from 8:30 and in HD, would have been much better IMO. And like I said before I’ll give this 2 weeks before it’s pushed back to 10:30 or later.

  7. Ah crap – a double ep. I wanted to give this a look but I’m not keen on double eps. I also share the concerns regarding the likely stability of the timeslot.

    I don’t really want to watch for a couple of weeks, enjoy and commit to it, only to have to chase it around because it didn’t quite interest the people who watch The Block or Hamish and Andy.

    I might just wait for the DVD. It’s out on 13 Sep for US$26 or $32 for the blu-ray.

  8. I think Camelot was made due to the ratings success of Merlin in many overseas countries. When I first saw the promo I thought “no way would Merlin and Camelot be shown on the same night!” As it will turn out, Camelot will also be shown on Sunday nights, but after Merlin has finished. Now that Camelot has been cancelled after one season (apparently because of busy schedules of several stars) I may not give it a try.

  9. I give them 2 weeks before it’s pushed back to 10:30pm Sundays.

    Not that it’s a bad show (haven’t seen it myself) but Nine once again waited too long and anyone spending 5 minutes online will know it’s been cancelled, not that that is an indication of quality but it’s never a good sign. They promote the hell out of it for months then nothing, waiting a few months more to air it.

    Maybe this would have been better on GEM in HD double eps on Sundays for 5 weeks?

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