Nine: mid-year highlights

Nine's second half of the year will feature Underbelly: Razor, Sherlock, Camelot, Hamish & Andy's Gap Year and The Voice.

Nine recently released its mid-year highlights to media which gives an indication of what is still coming up this year.

After Nine’s disappointing first half for 2011 can it turn its fortunes around with new Australian and international content? There are some tempting shows including Underbelly: Razor (pictured), Sherlock, Camelot and the profile debuts of Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year and The Voice.

Please note the list includes some recent mid-year titles such as Come Fly With Me on Nine and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and Fringe on GO! Some shows are also not new episodes (ie. Friends, The Inbetweeners).

The list ambitiously includes the recently-commissioned drama Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket, but also includes previously promised titles such as Panic at Rock Island.

Some shows are also noted as fast-tracked including new Top Gear (it returns in the UK later this month), Come Fly With Me (this week production was announced as being pushed back), and CSI: Miami.

There is also a new weight-loss series with celebrities paired with ordinary Aussies, The Weighting Game which includes Merv Hughes (who previously appeared in two seasons of Celebrity Overhaul).

Two and a Half Men is listed for both Nine and GO! but it appears the Ashton Kutcher eps are for Nine, while the Sheen eps move to GO!.

Underbelly: Razor,
The Block 2011,
Top Design,
Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year,
Come Fly with Me, *
The Voice,
The Big Bang Theory, *
Panic at Rock Island,
The Mentalist, *
Rescue Special Ops,
The Weighting Game,
Top Gear, *
Top Gear Australia,
The Joy of Sets,
Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket,
CSI, *
CSI: New York,
CSI: Miami, *
Mike & Molly,
Earth Flight,
Hot Property,
The Farmer Wants a Wife,
Great Barrier Reef,
March of the Dinosaurs,
Frozen Planet,
Who Do You Think You Are?,
Mr. Sunshine,
Two and a Half Men,
Hot in Cleveland,
Nine News,
60 Minutes,
Hot Seat,
Australia’s Funniest Home Videos,
The View,
The Ellen DeGeneres Show,
Send in the Dogs Australia,
Kids WB,
The Games,
The Footy Show (AFL / NRL),
Wide World of Sports,
Horse Racing,
The President’s Cup,
The Cricket World Cup,
Tri Nations Rugby
Rugby World Cup,
State of Origin,
Summer of Cricket

* fast-tracked

Glory Daze,
UFC: Ultimate Fighter,
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena,
Two and a Half Men,
The Hard Times of R. J. Berger,
The Inbetweeners,
Winter Wipeout

The Closer,
Mary Queen of Shops,
The Big C,
Auction Hunters,
The Zoo,
Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares,
Harry’s Law,
Strange Addiction,
How Clean Is Your House?,
Embarrassing Bodies,
Rizzoli & Isles,
Antiques Roadshow
and HD movies.

Not listed were previously promised 2011 titles including The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show, Under Surveillance and Dancing Nation.

NB: Highlights only, does not include all shows.

37 Responses

  1. Just get rid of ACA and be done with it and also no more Eddie Hosted Game Shows.

    What Nine needs is a home grown version of the original Sex and the City With all the women living independently or a modern day my two dads/my two wives.

  2. I’d love to see Australian Survivor given another shot, But with a bigger budget, a better host and No celebrities. Take a look at how Amazing Race Australia has been done. It’s a great blueprint – substantial budget, awesome host similar to the US host, and a good cast. Stay true to the concept and it can be done really well.

  3. Where’s 20 to 1 hosted by Bert Newton? I’ve been waiting for the new episodes are going to be screen after some of them being dropped from the schuedle and being replaced by different programs in the same schuedle.

  4. I look forward to Sherlock I just hope they play it at 8.30pm Sunday although please not against Downton Abbey. I also hope they note that Seven usually end the other show so it starts around 8.35-6pm.

  5. What about The Bachelor?

    That was promised by GO! at start if year in it’s promo but with the recent season airing in USA in Feb, and the companion to that, the Bachelorette, airing in May, when the hell is GO! going to show it? Last year they were good, showing the Bachelorrette within weeks of it aring in USA, but now they have fallen behind…

  6. Go has been promising Justified for well over six months. They even made an ad with Walton Goggins, but no show has appeared.

    I hope Gem or Nine is still going to show Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

  7. What’s taking GO! so long in airing Justified? The promos started around October last year saying it was coming soon. Is there a legal barrier preventing GO! from airing this program or something? What is taking so long?

  8. I know The X Factor is still very much on the bubble in Australia, but even so surely Nine would be better holding The Voice until next Feb when it would have a clear run in the singning talent show stakes.

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