Jamie Oliver restaurant targeted in UK riots

Jamie Oliver’s Birmingham restaurant has been “smashed up” by UK rioters.

Oliver revealed on Twitter that his Italian eatery in Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre was among the buildings to have been targeted.

“Sadly my restaurant in Birmingham got smashed up,” he wrote. “Windows all gone, whole area closed, can’t open, staff and customers all safe thankfully.”

Of his London-based Recipease food and kitchen shop, he tweeted: “My cookery school was in the thick of Clapham riot but seems there not interested in reading or cooking as Waterstones & Resipease go left. (sic)”

“So sad to see whats happening in UK with these Riots! all gone mad! time to get our country back now we need 2 come down hard on these idiots.”

He admonished correspondents on the site who claimed he could afford to close the restaurant temporarily because he had business insurance.

He said: “Thats not the point, business insurance its statutory & big or small its hard each restaurant has 120 staff with bills to pay.”

During the third night of rioting, 44 policemen were injured and four of them remain in critical condition.

So far, 450 arrests have been made and police are circulating photos of suspects in the media.

Later Oliver was more encouraged:

“My love and thoughts go out to everyone effected by these riots, and all the people i work with who are in the thick of it …be safe …”

“Enough tweeting thank u all 4 support!xx thanks to the police & emergency services for what there dealing with the communities are amazing!”

He linked to the following video:


Source: Hello


  1. @Dick, and your point is what. Oliver’s wealth is completely immaterial with regard to this incident. Nobody deserves to have their business destroyed by animals. The bottom line is that feral beasts with barely one functioning brain cell between them trashed his restaurant. A 270 seat restaurant would easily employ several dozen staff who are now out of work. I take it that amuses you.

  2. Its the shop owners I feel sorry for. They are the innocent victims in this who have done nothing wrong. On the radio they spoke to a guy that had a carpet business which he had for 25 years. Now its all gone because the stupid rioters thought it would be great to burn down.

  3. It could not have not happened to a nicer person on this earth.I was over in the UK in June and never saw anything this bad.Maybe as Tourists this is one side of Britain we never see or hear about except for the news.

  4. deedeedragons

    Very sad indeed what’s occurring in the U.K right now. Also sad is the smug comments from some Americans on other sites. It’s nice to remind them they only seem to riot & loot when their football team loses.

  5. what are you saying dick? that people that get off their backsides and actually make an effort in this world, should just let the ‘what about me’ society just take what they deem is rightfully theirs? pathetic mate, really low 🙁

  6. I think this is very sad what’s happening. To stretch from parts of London out to Birmingham and other cities is scary. No matter how wealthy Jamie is, it would still be devastating to see your restaurant get destroyed. Either way, I hope they can put a stop to this.

  7. Absolutely appalling, really disgraceful behaviour. Johnny Rotten was right all those years ago – Anarchy for the U.K. We’re seeing it first hand right now. A very bad look less than 12 months out from the Olympics. There is a very frightening undercurrent of yobbishness over there, how scary this all must be for the average citizen.

  8. In other news, Jamie Oliver then tweeted – “But since I’m a multi-millionaire I’ll have another restaurant up and running within days. I will oversee the operations from my £7.5m mansion in Essex”.

  9. Anyone caught rioting should be jailed IMO, regardless of age!

    Doesn’t London have lots of security cameras, should be easy to ID loads of the ‘kids’ burning cars and looting.

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