Returning: Heston’s Mission Impossible

Seven makes a change to Wednesday night next week, no longer airing a double episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

Instead Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior will air at 8:30pm and Heston’s Mission Impossible will air at 9:30pm.

Last night the Criminal Minds spin-off pulled 718,000 viewers for its first episode and 471,000 for its second.

Heston’s Mission Impossible resumes from its fourth episode.

Heston tries to transform the food at one of the UK’s biggest cinema chains, Cineworld. His challenge is to inject fun and excitement into the movie experience by overhauling the snacks on offer. Heston believes that a visit to the cinema should be a multi-sensory experience which tickles smell and taste, not just sound and vision. He wants the food on the cinema menu to reflect the action on screen. However, Heston soon realises that with popcorn’s enormous mark up, selling cinema snacks is all about profit margins rather than quality.


  1. Whoopsi & Johno – you both seem to have access to much more in depth ratings info than published here – fair enough.

    But I remain unconvinced that CMSB won it’s 9-10 timeslot, given that the average viewer numbers for the Gruen and Judith Lucy between 9 + 10 averaged 798,500 – while CMSB = 718,000.

    So, are you suggesting, if CMSB started ten minutes late, you then add the numbers from 7’s 7.30 show about Worst Kids … ?

    And That gives 7’s 9-10pm show the “viewers” to get it into the “winning it’s time slot” claim?

    I know “spin” is an important part of the TV bullshit (marketing) division, but… c’mon…

    By the way, we caught up with the first 3 eps of this show earlier this week and thought, “it’s not as good as the original”, but we’ll continue to watch.

  2. i dont understand why networks stuff around with shows that rate decently.

    The first 2 eps of suspect behaviour were around the 1m from memory, and then seven went and screwed around adding an extra episode to thursday at short notice and then double episodes on wednesdays, thus reflecting last nights lower result.

    and i know covert affairs didn’t rate anything flash, but it did usualy win its timeslot/remain competitive, and yet seven went and burned off all the episodes quickly and last night it was on at 11.00.

    the end result is that they will run out of content quicker, lower overall ratings as viewers miss episodes, have nothing decent to show and schedules will be subject to change more often as networks get frantic for ratings.

  3. Who would’ve thought that of all the new US shows this season CM:SB would be one of the best rating ones in Aus, Suspect Behaviour and Body of proof are the only 2 shows out of over 30 new shows from the 2010-11 season that have rated somewhat decently.

  4. Hey Whoopsi – better take another look at the ratings for last night !

    Gruen @ 9pm # 6 with 1.17 M
    Generation # 11 with 793,000 (finished @ 9.45pm)
    Crim Minds: Suspect Behaviour @ 9pm # 13 with 718,000.

    If that’s “winning it’s timeslot”, one of us better go back to skool…

  5. @GP
    Seriously do you write joke comments? The first two eps of CM:SB in the wednesday slot both did a million or more. Last night’s ep didn’t start until after 9PM and still won its slot. If you’re offering odds I’ll take the bet it stays right where it is.

  6. What’s the betting that the last 6 episodes of CH:SB get dumped from the main station and moved to the programmers’ digital graveyard?

    (There’re 7 left at present…)

    Then again, maybe not – 7 seem to have run out of programmes to fill the holes…

  7. I forgot about Covert Affairs last night. Maybe they should move it to 7mate.

    I thought Heston was on earlier this year? I think it was on Thursdays. I really enjoyed watching it.

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