Who will host Young Talent Time for TEN?

With Johnny Young tipped to take a behind-the-scenes role, the guessing game is on as to who will host the rebooted YTT.

It’s trueA rebooted Young Talent Time will be announced as part of TEN’s 2012 Programming Launch next week.

After moving on from the AFL rights, Lachlan Murdoch and David Mott looked for a replacement for its Saturday primetime slot.

With the success of Australia’s Got Talent they knew they had a potential programme in their vaults, and pursued Perth-based Johnny Young who owned the rights to the show.

Young has always seen the format of an all-singing / dancing cast and contestant acts as having reboot television potential, but this time was on the receiving end of a call  from the two execs and suddenly found himself back in favour.

Earlier this year Young was joined by former YTT cast members in a 40th Anniversary Reunion filmed for A Current Affair. The original series ran from 1971 until 1988.

But for the reboot Young is expected to be involved behind the scenes, having previously said he didn’t seek to host any new version.

That leaves the field wide open for a new, contemporary host. Will they come from the field of pop, music theatre, radio, Pay TV, a former Australian Idol? Tim Campbell, Eddie Perfect, Matt Lee -or even a female host?

TEN, which was also to have had a resident “super-group” as part of Don’t Stop Believing, is hoping to capitalise on the show’s family appeal and the potential to create new musical stars.

It also isn’t clear whether the show will be produced in-house or by an independent production company.

TEN had always vowed any monies it was saving on AFL would be re-directed into new programming.

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  1. hi, someone at th top asked about auditions. i will also be auditioning and the auditions are in october 1st 2nd and 3rd october in the technology centre 🙂 hope this helps and goodluck

  2. I would prefer reruns of Young Talent Time not a revamped show.Joe Perrone would make a good host as he was ment to take over from John when he retired but the was axed before he could.

  3. I think one of the former team members would do a fantastic job…..Beven A,, Joey Dee, Rikkii Arnott, Natalie Miller, Courtney C, Karen Dunkerton. I think we would love to see them all on at some stage during the season.

  4. It’ll be interesting if it gets seen as reviving something that was (you have to admit) a tiny bit cheesy back in the day – well, lett’s just say I cringe watching back old episodes on You Tube…….

    I think if they pick the right host, let the talent shine, but don’t make it like a pantomine with overacting it might survive.

    Would be good to see it filmed in the old Channel Ten studios at Nunawading (now Global), a bit of history there. I did work experience at Ten in 1988, and walked through the studio between tapings and remember seeing one of the running sheets sitting on the boom operator’s tray – there were quite a few references to “insert pre-recorded” laughter 🙂

  5. Tim and Anthony together? Are they actually still even together? I actually like the thought of Eddie Perfect. Great talent that guy. Hosted that show high school musical show on FOX8 last year, would be awesome.

  6. Anyone from the original is now too old for the “junior” audience. The best you could do from 1988 would be Danni, but even she’s way outside the junior demographic.

    I think it would be fantastic to see it hosted by Ten’s Idol Alumni. Pick one of them (sounds like Leigth is popular) to permanently host it, then bring the others on for various co-hosting, judging, coaching, whatever..

    The point being to make it 100% totally deliberately the meeting point of Idol and YTT.

    Of course, the one thing we all need to argue over more than anything else: Is “all my loving” going to stay? I think we need something different (though not necesarily newer)

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