9 / 11: 10th anniversary programming

Sunday marks ten years since the tragedy of 9 / 11.

A number of Pay TV channels will be marking the occasion with documentaries and specials including live coverage from the US on CNN and A-PAC.

Wednesday September 7th
12pm Footnotes of 9/11
Features interviews with people who went to work on September 11th, 2001 – and unexpectedly became part of history. Each of the eight people profiled by investigative correspondent Drew Griffin for this documentary is mentioned in The 9/11 Commission Report – their unique experiences are drawn from the 1,742 footnotes of that report and offer critical detail to the tragic events of that day – are literal and figurative footnotes to one of America’s darkest days.

They include ticket agents who checked in some of the terrorists, a maintenance technician who answered a call from one of the planes under attack, and the Lt. Col. in the Massachusetts Air National Guard – also a United Airlines pilot – who scrambled to provide defense to New York, and faced possibly having to shoot down a passenger plane.

Thursday Sept 8
12pm Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports: Terror In The Dust
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports: Terror In The Dust examines how responders who breathed in the toxic dust and noxious fumes at New York City’s Ground Zero are coping with the health effects of the attacks. The environmental hazards at the World Trade Center disaster site – mercury from fluorescent light bulbs, dioxin and benzene emitted as the jets burned, asbestos from the building materials, and more – have caused severe respiratory ailments, immune problems and, some suspect, a greatly increased cancer risk.

Among those who speak to Dr. Gupta are two brothers – firefighters who searched for survivors in the pile of the collapsed towers – one whose lungs are now failing and the other who appears to have had no permanent physical effects. Ten years after the attacks chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks to first responders who continue to experience emotional trauma. Dr. Gupta’s investigation includes never before broadcast footage of the collapse of the Twin Towers, the medical consequences of the killer dust, and safety recommendations for future crisis responses.

Friday Sept 9
12pm Beyond Bravery: The Women Of 9/11
Profiles the sometimes overlooked female rescue workers who raced to the Twin Towers in the wake of the attack. Anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien looks at the work of these rescue workers over the decade following their life-altering experiences.

Among the stories of these heroic women of New York’s Ground Zero is an African-American firefighter whose company lost seven of the 342 firefighters who died that day. She is pushing to recruit more women to this dangerous job, even as the number of female firefighters has dropped to less than one percent of the NYFD. O’Brien also speaks with the family of a decorated police officer and mother who was photographed rescuing survivors just moments before the collapse of the towers. O’Brien reports the present-day health and emotional struggles of these unsung heroines and hears about their determination to be prepared for the next attack – and to restore hope.

Saturday Sept 10
12pm Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience.
CNN will premiere a special presentation from TIME in association with HBO, Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience. Captured in words and moving images, this documentary features untold stories drawn from 40 women and men who led and sacrificed for America in the hours, days, and months that followed the attacks. Working with the editors of TIME, award-winning photographer Marco Grob produced an astonishing set of portraits which are coupled with dramatic recollections from government leaders, survivors of the towers, and first responders.

Sunday Sept 11
On the 10th anniversary of September 11th, CNN will broadcast live from New York, Washington, D.C., Shanksville, Pennsylvania and Afghanistan. CNN’s special live coverage will air across CNN International, CNN/U.S. and CNN en Español. CNN will provide global, multi-platform live coverage and simulcast from September 11th at 10.30pm AEST to September 12th at 3am AEST. CNN’s global broadcasts will be anchored by Anderson Cooper and Candy Crowley from New York City’s Ground Zero, joined by CNN International anchor Becky Anderson, chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien. Wolf Blitzer will anchor from the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., joined by Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr. John King will anchor from the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Anchor Suzanne Malveaux, correspondent Nick Patton Walsh and senior international correspondent Nic Robertson will contribute to CNN’s coverage from Afghanistan.

On September 11th, 2001, Robertson was one of the only Western television journalists in Taliban-held Afghanistan, and reported on the Taliban response and the attacks by the Northern Alliance on Kabul live via satellite videophone. Anchor Fareed Zakaria will interview former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for Fareed Zakaria GPS, which airs on September 11th at 10pm AEST time.

Mon Sept 5
9:30 am Our World: Fallout 9/11
David Shukman visits Manhattan to discover how thousands of people have become seriously ill from the toxic dust that blanketed the area after the Twin Towers fell.

Fri Sept 9
8:30 pm  9/11: The Towers and the Pentagon
September 11, 2001 resulted in the swift and total collapse of the Twin Towers but the Pentagon, suffering the same kind of blow, stood fast. The world’s leading forensic engineers investigate why the results were so drastically different.

Sat Sept 10
8:30pm Witness to 9/11
This Emmy award winning documentary will distinguish itself from other 9/11 documentaries by using only unique and rarely seen and heard archive to document the minutes between the first attack on the World Trade Center to the collapse of the second tower. This will be a lasting document whose unique material comes from a range of non-traditional sources, including amateur photography, video, and film; FDNY, NYPD, Port Authority and emergency dispatch radio recordings, photography and video; recorded voicemails; audio/video diaries; footage and stills broadcast or published outside the United States; electronic messages; surveillance camera footage; and “outtakes” culled from raw network footage.

10:15pm Making of the 9/11 Memorial
The only structure at Ground Zero that will be completed by the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is the National September 11 Memorial. Situated on eight acres within the footprints of the Twin Towers, two 30-foot waterfalls will cascade into below-surface reflecting pools – evoking a void. There are two guides for this behind-the-scenes making of the Memorial: the architect, Michael Arad, and one of the fabricators, Chris Powers.

Sun Sept 11
8:30pm 9/11: The Days After
It is ten years since the age of terror began in earnest. From the moment the Twin Towers fell, 9/11 was seen as a watershed, a historical turning point of epic, irreversible proportions. Since then we’ve said, again and again, that 9/11 changed everything and that nothing would ever be the same. Indeed, vast changes have in fact been spawned by 9/11political, cultural, and sociological; intellectual, emotional, and psychological in New York, throughout America, and around the world. And yet so much about how we live our lives today remains the same as it ever was. 9/12: The Day After builds upon the format established by 102 Minutes That Changed America to examine the legacy of 9/11 – constructing an evocative, engaging and immersive narrative using exclusively archival audiovisual material assembled without contextualizing narration or interviews. The result is an authentic, unflinchingly honest look at what happened after the tragedy – a chronicle of life in a changed world.

Sat Sept 10
8:30pm 9/11: After the Towers Fell
9/11: After The Towers Fell is the definitive look at the aftermath of 9/11. The most devastating terrorist atrocity in the history of the United States bowed and bloodied the nation. But out of that tragedy rose the people of America like an unstoppable tide ready to help in whatever way they could, leading to hundreds of tales of heroism. With first-hand accounts from the rescue workers who navigated the treacherous, mangled steel and concrete moraine left by the collapse of the towers to reach survivors; the soldiers who were deployed to the scene – who stayed despite orders from their superiors to the contrary; family members who desperately searched for loved-ones; survivors who were pulled from the wreckage; and eyewitnesses who documented the scene from various vantage points throughout.

Sun Sept 11
7:30pm 9/11: Heroes Of The 88th Floor
Ten years on from 9/11 there is one story that has raw emotional power which resonates a decade later. What was is like to be trapped in the Twin Towers that September morning?

Mon Sept 5
8:30pm 9/11 and the American Dream
9/11 & The American Dream: Delve into the touching firsthand accounts of people working in the World Trade Towers when the planes struck on September 11 and those who continue to grieve the loss of loved ones.

(Various times) George W Bush: 9/11 Interview rpt.
In an exclusive interview, former US President George W. Bush recalls September 11 in his own words, reliving dramatic and emotional private moments and the hard decisions taken.

Sat Sept 10
8:30 pm. Inside 9/11: Osama Rising
Go to the roots of the al-Qaeda network and examine the transformation of Osama bin Laden from fundraiser to terrorist mastermind.

10:30pm Inside 9/11: Countdown To Terror
How did four al-Qaeda militants make their way to America and learn how to fly commercial aircraft, undetected.

11:30pm End Game
As America mourned its 2973 dead, the West identified its deadly foe: Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

Mon Sept 12
2:00am Live
Full coverage of the 9/11 anniversary including memorial services from New York, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. C-SPAN also brings you memories of that day from Bush Administration officials, congressional leaders and others. Viewers share memories of September 11 and its aftermath by phone, e-mail and Twitter.

Special updates through throughout the morning with LIVE crosses with New York City

Special edition with former Prime Minister John Howard

5pm AEST 9/11+10: Canberra Memorial
LIVE coverage of Australia’s official memorial service with Prime Minister Julia Gillard

6pm AEST 9/11+10
David Speers and Celina Edmonds co-anchor a SKY NEWS special with live crosses to New York and interviews with Australia’s Ambassador to Washington Kim Beazley, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, Attorney General Robert McClelland and Counter Terrorism expert Leah Farrall.

ABC America’s Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos with Christiane Amanpour

Monday, September 12
1am AEST 9/11+10: SKY WORLD NEWS
Continuing coverage as the world marks the 10th anniversary of September 11

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