Australia’s Next Top Missing Host?

Is it just me?

I watched last night’s episode of Australia’s Next Top Model and I kept waiting for Sarah Murdoch to appear.

She didn’t turn up until 40 minutes into the episode and yet she is the show’s host.

Charlotte Dawson accompanied the girls through another challenge and Josh Flynn mentored at a photo shoot.

I haven’t watched every¬†week but I was concerned when I noticed she didn’t accompany the girls to Paris during an earlier episode¬†either. Maybe she had a personal commitment. But as a Producer of the show I’d be a tad concerned if anything went wrong, especially when there are minors involved. I guess that had been left to the series producer.

Another episode I saw did see Murdoch appear at a challenge involving ‘live mannequins’ at a David Jones store. She was there when one girl was about to faint. One of the good things Murdoch has brought to the show since she joined is a sense of empathy. But we’re seeing less of it this year, due to selective appearances.

I can’t help but recall Manu Feildel edited into Dinner Date after the event and billed as the show’s Cupid host. Or the 90 seconds that Stephanie Rice appeared in Make Me a Supermodel or the 80 seconds that Pamela Anderson cha-cha’d on Dancing with the Stars.

Surely the role of a good host is to be there to observe, comment, question and experience what the contestants and viewers are seeing?

Foxtel told me there was nothing unusual from previous seasons, although they did acknowledge Charlotte Dawson has an increased presence this year. They assured me Sarah Murdoch was still actively involved behind the scenes, including in the editing studio. Or is that just for voice-overs?

Maybe they could get her out of the editing studio and into the challenges a little more. A little less ‘Sarah Mail’ SMSs and more visibility please.

This is a show that thrives on controversy (I’m not even buyin’ those Alex Perry headlines about overweight models) so I hardly think I’m speaking out of school….

I’m interested to hear what others think.


  1. I don’t understand why Charlotte isn’t the host anyway
    She has excellent on camera presence and can give the girls a dressing down if needed
    Charlotte may also cost half as much!

  2. I don’t really care about her being there all that much, Charlotte is far more entertaining. In fact get rid of that white-hair try-hard guy and have Charlotte do everything except the announcements at the end.

  3. The most annoying things this year are challenges and photoshoots ripped off directly from the American series or Make Me A Super Model, not even cleverly disguised!

  4. This is how it has always been though charlotte seems to be in it a little more than normal. Sarah rarely makes appearances during the challenges unless it is something major. That is why Josh is there otherwise he would be pretty useless.

    You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

  5. I agree with david, If your the host of the show then get out there and host the damm thing.

    Its the same when hosting a dinner party,if you are the host are you just going to appear at the dinner table between courses for a quick catch up to see how the guests are enjoying themselves then suddenly disseaper again leaving all your guests to entertain themselves? I think not……

  6. The less of Alex Perry the better.

    He was in Project Runway outdoors with sunnies superglued to his forehead and squinting (as always).

    His only value is for humour, having to watch him bursting out of his too-tight clothes as his pecs going into spasm.

  7. Hmnm the thing I have noticed is Sarah seems a little more less constructive, when there was the modelling in the ball in pool challenge she joined in with Charolette and Made hasmpster actions whilst the poor girl was trying to get up, it just seemed a bity mean to be further humiliating the girl

  8. Wow. You should be working for Today Tonight or A Current Affair with beat ups like that. Bit of a personal beef there or what? It’s the same as it ever was.

  9. It’s no different to past seasons of Australia’s Next Top Model or Tyra Banks on the US version of Top Model. I think if Sarah was there too much, it would ruin the significance of her being there at all.

  10. Maybe she was busy filming the Vaalia yoghurt commercial??

    I’ve noticed the same thing with Megan on Project Runway, she’s hardly in it. I think the purpose of these hosts now is just to be used a draw card to gain viewers whereas you’ll notice the ‘mentors’ seem to be doing the majority of the work.

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