Dexter season premiere leaked online

The first episode of Dexter‘s sixth season has been leaked online according to US websites.

Whether it was intentionally done as part of a viral-marketing campaign, or illegally uploaded isn’t clear.

But a Bit Torrent website claims a 502-megabyte file appears to have been ripped from a promotional DVD.

The season doesn’t premiere in the US until next week and in Australia in November.

This is the second time a season premiere of Dexter was leaked online, with the Season 4 premiere leaked in 2009.

Last year Lost‘s season premiere was also leaked online, as did 2008’s Fringe premiere and the Desperate Housewives pilot. An episode of FlashForward which played on Seven before the US was also circulated via Bit Torrent.

Meanwhile Showtime has issued two Dexter scenes legally as YouTube sneak peeks.





  1. Suspect viral marketing also, Showtime released a full episode of ‘Homeland’ which debuts right after Dexter onto YouTube and on their interactive website before the October 2 launch.

  2. It’s viral marketing, this happens every Dexter season, I like it, but then once the episode finishes, it’s an even longer wait for the next episode, and if you see it, you will want more.

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