1. Person Of Interest was excellent good to know it won its timeslot although it deserved better. Still these days with multi chs 800k for 9.40-10-40 is not too bad but yes it did shed a few UB viewers.

  2. I watch probably less than 10 hours of Nine each week. Nine News, Underbelly, Embarrassing Bodies and as a once off.. 2.5 men last week. Now I can promise you during those 10 hours I saw Person of Interest flogged to death in promos. It’s been that way for almost a month so.. no Nine did have plenty of time to promote it and they in fact over did like they’re doing now with Charlie’s Angels

    I recorded Sunday Night because of the chimp story, to be realistic, that story had been making the rounds almost 6 months ago in the US but anyway I don’t know how people follow Sunday Night. They spent over half the show on the one story. Sure the surf life saving segment probably had alot to get through but as I was fast forwarding the whole thing I thought surely this story could have been told in 15 minutes.

  3. 800k for Person of Interest seems a pretty healthy number for 9:30 these days.
    I think delaying Amazing Race is more to do with The Footy Show final than anything else.

  4. Person of Interest was actually pretty good. Also watched UBR for the first time and it held up. Nine’s Sunday is looking like becoming a solid night (without 2.5 Men or TBBT.)
    Seven would be concerned with those Wild Boys numbers. I watched maybe a minute and found it woeful. A waste of Australian drama.

    • James: There are all sorts of things that can be done to promote a new series when you have enough time: getting footage for ads, sending previews to media for reviews, planning billboard campaigns, sorting classification issues, organising actor interviews on other shows etc. When the window becomes much shorter it impacts on your ability to utilise these. Seven isn’t running TAR this week because it wanted to get more footage to promote the show, so it starts next week with a double ep. It’s great that networks are hitting the greenlight on new shows, but if not enough people know they are on it’s a bit of a risk. I’m not criticising Nine, audiences are always demanding fast-tracking. But there are downsides…..

  5. Thos Masterchef kids are better than last year. they are more adorableand I loved the boy that cooked the paella I think and his grandma was there to support him and he ran and gave her a nice big hug and she was so happy for him.

    Rob Mills singing was really nice on UB last night. Shame about his gun though.

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