Foxtel packages up $2 from November 1st.

A $2 monthly increase will apply to most Foxtel packages from November.

Foxtel is increasing the price of its Value Pack subscription from November 1st.

The Get Started package increases from $1 to $45 while other value packs such as Family, Sports, Movies, Gold, Movie Lovers all increase by $2, along with their HD equivalents.

The three Platinum packs also increase by $2 with $132 to become the new top price for a Platinum HD package.

Add-ons including Kids & Music, Drama & Lifestyle, Knowledge & Adventure, Sports, Showtime Movies, Movie Network (all $16) and HD ($10) will not increase. The iQ remains at $10 per month.

Extra channels including World Movies, Adults Only, SKY Racing etc. will not change. On Demand movies and television will also stay fixed.

Twelve months ago Foxtel  increased the price of its basic package but dropped the price of HD channels, when it introduced new channels.

In emails to subscribers Foxtel advises, “At Foxtel we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive line-up of viewing and delivering new, exciting ways to engage with Foxtel content through great technology. In order to continue that commitment, a small price increase will be incurred from your billing date in November.”

It also indicates new channels launching in the coming months at no additional charge.

Full details of the new pricing costs can be found here.

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  1. lol inflation…cmon this is the only country where you pay $100 for pay tv and still wont get either a sports, movies or hd channel….the sports value pack i have is going up to $92….and i barely have half the channels on the platform….insane!…and even worse for all those italians and greeks that need to fork out $20 for 1 channel.

  2. @Adam Oriti Art:

    Hey Adam, On the Foxtel Facebook page we would only delete comments if they were offensive, spam or illegal, and we would only ban a person who repeatedly posts inappropriately. You can see on the wall there that we regularly help people with questions or problems, whether their comments are positive or negative. It’s possible that you were banned in error, in which case please feel free to post again and we will do what we can to help. Thanks, David.

  3. oh get over it.
    it’s called inflation.
    it’s like a 3% increase.
    supply/demand/market forces.

    foxtel charges what the consumer is wiling to pay

    expensive comapred to the US?

    Yep – and so is Everything in Australia!

  4. I recently signed up on the special $50/m deal. Will this effect me for the 12 months I have the special offer? Didn’t get an email from Fox so assuming it doesn’t.

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