Julia Gillard guest judge on Junior MasterChef

If you can’t stand the heat get into the Junior MasterChef kitchen?

PM Julia Gillard has filmed a guest appearance for Junior MasterChef.

The Prime Minister will feature as a guest judge in one of the show’s early episodes. The series is currently filming its second season for TEN.

It’s not the first time she has appeared on TV alongside the kids, having appeared on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? when she was Minister for Education.

Source: news.com.au


  1. Jeepers people, bit heavy on the angst? @catherine, I am pretty confident she’s been involved with lots of friends’ and family’s kids, not to mention she was a kid herself, and that she eats every day. She also probably eats a wider range than most of us, between the endless hideous “chicken or beef” events and foreign hosts pulling out their best to impress.

    It’ll be a thrill for the kids. Let’s face it, when they go back to school, it’s a fair bet that their non-foodie mates will be more impressed that they met the prime minister than that they met Brahimi or Tetsuya or whoever.

    (Mind you, I reserve the right to find this excruciatingly awkward and scripted.)

  2. @deedeedragons – I think it is can be fun at times when the leader appears on things outside of news/political topics.

    Liked it when Bob Hawke appeared on The Comedy Company with Con the Fruiterer, also later liked seeing Kevin Rudd in his numerous appearances on Rove ( bummer that John Howard never appeared in studio, but only with Rove running after him in the street).

  3. In the interests of saying something positive, I hope the kids enjoyed the experience of meeting the Prime Minister. I remember meeting John Howard as a kid and although I now have nothing in common politically with that side of politics, it was exciting at the time.

  4. I dont want this to come out wrong but its a weird show for the PM to go on. She isnt a cook and even before she was in office she never cooked either. Doesnt anyone remember that photo where her kitchen was bare. I bet the junior chef could do better. I know you dont have to cook to know good food but what happens if a kid puts up a dish she has never heard of.

    Its weird that she is on a show that involves children and food. Two things she doesnt have much experience with.

    Anyway Im guessing this is going to be one of those cringe worthy cheesy tv moments and wont the opposition have a field day with this.

  5. One word – weird. You know the government is in trouble when a nation’s Prime Minister has to go on a show like this to win some support. I can’t wait to see her oozing fake warmth around those little rugrats.

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