Mrs. Carey’s Concert: sneak peek

Can music tame a rebel?

That’s one of the questions tackled by Mrs. Carey’s Concert, a feature documentary which screens on ABC1 this Sunday night.

Mrs. Carey is a music teacher at Sydney independent high school, MLC Burwood, who is preparing students for the show of the year -a concert at the Sydney Opera House. The programme includes Brahms, Ravel, Bruch, and a choral work from Aida with all 1200 students.

Mrs. Carey is forthright, passionate, wanting only the best from her students.

There is one star pupil, a young violinist named Emily who is nervously charged with a solo. Can she rise to the occasion?

And then there is Mrs. Carey’s most difficult challenge, a young girl named Iris who just won’t get into the spirit.

This feature film from Bob Connolly (Facing the Music, Rats in the Ranks, First Contact) and Sophie Raymond recently played in cinemas. It’s an intriguing mix of the performing arts, resilience, personality clashes and a coming of age.

Well worth a look. 8:30pm Sunday on ABC1.


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