Sunrise: Festival of Music

From next week, Sunrise will have a two week “Festival of Music” featuring live performances by music acts, including their first plaza concert all year (blaming you, Bieber) with Kelly Clarkson.

Here’s the line-up of acts:

Monday 3rd: Kelly Clarkson
Tuesday 4th: Cody Simpson
Wednesday 5th: Simple Plan
Thursday 6th: Vanessa Amorosi
Friday 7th: Sneaky Sound System

Monday 10th: Anthony Callea
Wednesday 12th: Chris Isaak
Thursday 13th: Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Friday 14th: Shannon Noll


  1. Today just blew Sunrise out of the water with their New York line up!

    Alicia Keys
    Tony Bennett
    Kim Kardashian
    Donald Trump.

    Not sure if the 1st 3 are doing live converts but they looked like they could be from the promo?

  2. yes! is there a site or anyway to find out who will be playing up next/days for other shows and after this two weeks?

    like kerri-anne, today, morning show, do sporadic lives here and there, is there a place or site where you can find out when the next band/musician will be live?

    most of them dont say on their official sites.

  3. @julian – Read my post again, …it was a little dig at the ‘dug up’ comment and not at Anthony . as I wrote I think he had one of the best voices in the country and I’m thrilled he will be on to sing ”Oh Oh Oh Oh”

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