Top 12 for X Factor

The X Factor judges last night announced their Top 12 singers.

Ronan Keating bit the bullet and spared us all the trial of the Up Front twins -they were fun to watch but vocally didn’t cut it.

But there were shock eliminations, notably Natalie Bassingthwaighte eliminating singing mum, Marina.

Did Guy Sebastian make the right decision cutting young singer Trent. Like Hype, he was cut before the end for the second year in a row.

After drawn-out decisons between judges and contestants everybody got a hug from host Luke Jacobz. And then another one.

The final acts are:

Under 25 Males
Declan Sykes
Johnny Ruffo
Reece Mastin

Under 25 Females
Tyla Bertolli
Jacqui Newland
Christina Parie

Young Men’s Society
Audio Vixen
3 Wishez

Over 25s
Andrew Wishart
Mitchell Callaway
Cleo Howman

Live shows will air 7:30 Mondays and verdict shows follow on Tuesdays.


  1. Yeah, the EPG timing for the end of the episode was wrong in a few states it seems. You can of course catch what you missed by watching the episode on the x factor Australia website.

    Also have since heard that Paige did talk to Luke and Natalie afterwards, and things were ok. Just for whatever reason they edited it as though he just wanted outta there.

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