All-star cast joins Jack Irish telemovies

Don Hany, Aaron Pedersen, Colin Friels, Diana Glenn, Martin Sacks, and Roy Billing are just some the names joining the ABC's telemovies with Guy Pearce.

The ABC has now announced the cast who will join Guy Pearce in their Jack Irish telemovies, based on the novels by writer Peter Temple.

Pearce plays the title character, described as “a former criminal lawyer, collector of uncollectable debts, football lover, punter, trainee cabinetmaker and sometime lover.”

Joining him are Aaron Pedersen (City Homicide, The Circuit), Marta Dusseldorp (Crownies, BlackJack), Don Hany (Offspring, Tangle, East West 101), Diana Glenn (The Slap, Carla Cametti PD), Colin Friels (Killing Time, BlackJack), Shane Jacobson (Kenny), Ron Jacobson (I Love You Too), Martin Sacks (The Cup, Blue Heelers), Damian Richardson (City Homicide) Terry Norris (Killing Time, Romulus, My Father) Roy Billing (Underbelly), Lachie Hulme (Offspring, The Hollowmen, Beaconsfield), Alexandra Schepisi (The Eye of the Storm), Steve Bisley (Sea Patrol, Water Rats), John Flaus (Three Dollars, The Dish) and Emma Booth (Cloudstreet, Underbelly).

In Jack Irish: Bad Debts life is hard enough for Jack – his beloved football club has moved interstate, the odds of his latest plunge at the track seem too long and he’s still cooking for one. So a phone message from ex-client Danny McKillop (Simon Russell) doesn’t ring any bells. But then Danny turns up dead and Jack must take a walk back into a dark and dangerous past.

Jack Irish: Black Tide sees Jack helping out an old family friend Des Connors (Ron Jacobson) whose son Gary (Nicholas Coghlan) has gone missing. As Jack begins to dig, he discovers Gary Connors was a man with something to hide, and his friends are people with darker and more deadly secrets.

The novels are being adapted by Andrew Knight (Rake, After the Deluge, Seachange) and Matt Cameron (Crashburn, Seachange), directed by Jeffrey Walker (Angry Boys, Rake), produced by Ian Collie of Essential Media and Entertainment (Rake, On Trial) and executive produced by Knight.

Production begins in Melbourne next week and they will screen on ABC next year.

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